Solo - A Star Wars Story - cinema night - Part 2

FLASHBACK: 25th May 2018

This time last year I had a great time watching Solo with the family. My youngest wanted a Chewie drink's topper and also a 'bucket' to put her popcorn in lol.
Solo - A Star Wars Story, James R5D4
This is the before (excited) and also the after picture lol.



Another project.....?

A friend from work gave me this a few years back, (thanks Steve), but didn’t have time to work on it. I still don’t have much free time lol, but just enough to make a start on it so that by the time it’s cleaned up I'll have decided what I'm going to build.

I did find a stone wedged between the gear and the belt, which explained why the teeth are a mess and the belt ultimatly broke.

Good news is that I have now tracked down the information needed to repaire the broken parts and move this projecct forward.


Dome Bag - 2.3 measuring & cutting

Spent ages last night marking out fold lines and ensuring extra material for the hemmed edges, also what I did and didn't need lol, and how it's going to be sown up lol.
dome bag, james r5d4

I've documented all the dimensions so will draw these up on the plans.

Next up was to cut this out.....
dome bag, james r5d4

When I next get two minutes free, the plan is to iron over the hem edges and then make a start on actually stitching them all up.

Jessika 'Testor' Pava - 2019 Update...

Jess Testor Pava

Well.....it's been a while and should really get back onto this project. My daughter did re-try on the jumpsuit last year sometime & yep, you guessed it, she'd grown in height. I obviously wasn't thinking ahead and had cut off the extra length in the legs as thought to use this material for pockets etc. So am going to have to start over on this by buying a new one.

Cosplay Jess Testor Pava
The chest box I made out of cardboard, this was great fun to make. You can check out the start of this project here.

I have since then been asked by her if we could make a few other outfits so I need to source info on these and see if these are viable, easier/simplier/longer lasting lol


3D printed Vape Collar now on my Thingiverse

Vape tank collar - bad motivator

Uploaded my 3D collar for the Vape Tank to my Thingiverse account.
It was designed to fit this vape tank pictured below.
Vape tank - bad motivator

Event - UK R2D2 Builders Club - MCM London

R2-D2 will be attending Friday & Saturday
& Chopper will be there on Sunday
along side the UK Garrison.

And if your into Steampunk,
check out Chris' R2 on their display stand.
May 24th to 26th, 2019

R5 & myself are not able to attend this event.


Dome Bag - 2.2 work has begun

Friday evening I was home alone, so put The Last Jedi, on the TV did got to work on marking and measuring the foam and material ready for cutting out.

Dome foam protection, dome bag

First was marking the foam dome base. I first cut a square piece of the foam, then using the remaining of it, I wrapped the foam around the outside of R5’s dome & marked the thickness.
Dome foam protection, dome bag
This was then cut around [no picture].

Next was to measure up a distance that will protect the upper edge of the R5 dome. This was thencut and wrapped around the dome. The foam material I have is enough, but it's not long enough, so an extra piece has to be cut. Well it would just be waisted otherwise.
Dome foam protection, dome bagDome foam protection, dome bag

Here the side is being measured for the extra piece of foam.
dome bag, foam protection, r5d4 dome

This was as far as I got, cutting wise. Once this was done and dimensions written down. I made a start on the sheet material. It was laid out and the elastic corners, trimmed off and corners opened up so the sheet could be laid flat. I then marked out the round base and the start of the main side panel. Ensuring that I had enough for edging, folding over and the pull cord at the top of the bag.

I'll post up more in 'Dome Bag 2.3'.

Bad Motivator - Vape / smoke video 2019

So, Sunday morning, I was able to set up and video the vape tank that I had to replace the e-cig unit. This can take more power lol and produce a LOT more ‘smoke’.
R5D4, Bad Motivator, vape
This was it set up. The timer, orange square, was not in use as I believe it has actually failed like the other one, shame as they are good. So the setup is voltage regulator, air pump & vape tank (controlled via a switch for testing).

The unit would normally only run for a few seconds when activated with the pop up ‘bad motivator’, but it’s ability to have a longer lifetime is a plus. And the fact it produces more vape is another plus.

Next up is to re-do the electronics etc and also the bad motivator pop-up system and R5 will be back in buisness again.

As mentioned on the video info, I'll be posting up the collar to my Thingiverse page soon.


Flashback 2012 - R5's Rear Hatch

Here's a flashback to this day back in 2012.

R5-D4's Body Skin 1.8 Rear Hatch upgrade
I had an idea to create a two part rear hatch for accessing inside R5, but once the wood was cut out, it wasn't strong enough, so had to create a one piece hatch.
R5-D4, woodwork, rear hatch

Click on this link to view the Blog entry.


Lee Towersey - DeAgostini's R2-D2 & Meningitis Now (re-post)

Re-sharing this for a good cause!

Lee Towersey is fundraising this DeAgustini R2-D2 for Meningitis Now

This mini R2-D2 was built by Lee and 'painted & weathered' by Henrick.
Both have worked on the Star Wars movies together,
since The Force Awakens,
in the CFX Department.
Check out Lee's twitter account here.

And here's the link to the JustGiving page for
your chance to win this awesome R2-D2

All it's all for a good cause.......
justgiving, justgiving R2-D2, Ian Yates

Flashback - Star Wars heels 2014

These came up on my time line the other day, so thought I'd share this flashback to 2014.

Back story, for those who haven't been following my Blog since back then lol. A friend had seen some decoupaged Star Wars shoes and had paid for them to be commisioned, but was ripped off by the seller and never recieved them. So I looked into how difficult it was to be able to do.

This was an interesting project to work on. Artistic still, but no wood lol. After completing this I was asked to make a few more, different designed shoes for other friends.

Star wars heels, james r5d4, decopage
Star Wars Heels 2014
So to check out the work done, click on these following links.


Bad motivator actuation upgrade 1.2 (2019)

I did some design changes and re-printed off a new holder.

This one fitted much better all round. I had made slots in the inside top face , but I hadn't made them wide enough to allow the crimped edges to fit. Also the clearance hole in the top, didn't clear the shaft enough. It didn't need to be so close a fit.

Next I needed to add a new joining pivot piece similar to the previous one which came fitted on the door actuator itself.
Hopefully I’ll get time to test fit this. I’ve included a hole to fit a locking pin through.

12 Channel remote - upgrade.....New replacement Relays

Well the testing of the new 12 channel board didn't go well. A voltage regulator setting may have damaged one of the boards components, but worse, the sound board is now also unresponsive.
'digial' 12 channel remote?

On checking the sound board, by plugging it into a PC, it should appear as a 'folder' like a USB drive would. But although the board lights up, the board does not show up as a folder options.....?

So back to work on the original 12 channel board.
I had ordered some replacement relays....before I remembered that I had another damaged one. Nevermind, at least I'd know that I would be working with (hopefully) working relays and not damaged ones. As I've said before, I'm not an electronics person, but mechanical, so checking the relays & replacing them to check, is my first part of this process. A co-worker who has got into electronics WAS able to test an old relay v a new one and found the old one to be faulty. So things are looking up for this little upgrade.
replacement relay units
These were 5 for £2.55 off eBay.

Next up was to mark the relays, with a red dot, that didn't respond to the control.
replacement relay units
De-soldering these joints was fun lol. Quickly heating up the pins to be able to leaver them up out of the holes.
replacement relay units
First relay removed. I was going to go and solder in the new relay, but thought it would just be easier to remove all the 'faulty' relays first. Which is what I did.

Once I had cleaned up the holes, it was then re-soldering in the replacement relays.

And then, once all back in.....the test..............FAILED.....

Relays were carfully soldered back in place. But they still wouldn't switch when remote was activated. Checked resistance with a multimeter and they are not latching when power goes through them, but give a reading when power is not.

Looking like I should cut my losses and buy a new 12 channel unit.


Dome Bag 2.1 - material obtained

Only just got round to buying more material.
Dome bag - R5-D4

The original dome bag had it's first outing on
May the 4th at Techniquest event. And it did it's job, well!
Dome bag - R5-D4

So hopefully, if I get time this weekend,
I'll be able to make the new (correct sizes) version, lol.

For Dome Bag v1, check out via this link

Flashback to LegoLand 2018

This event came up on my time line the other day
and with so many good memories of it,
I thought I'd re-share my event report of the weekend.

It was my second time attending, but this one was my first for staying over for two of the three weekend days. The weather was amazing, sunny & hot. This was definatly up there with the best events (friends) I've experianced.
UK R2D2 Builders Club - May the 4th LegoLand 2018

click this link below:


Event Report - Techniquest in Cardiff - May 4th 2019

It was a clear, Sunny but cold wind morning as Paul helped load R5 into his transporter. Before heading off over the bridge to Cardiff. Only an hours drive and you get some scenic views along the journey.

On arrival by 9, to the rear of the building, which apparently used to be the front,we were greeted by our events organiser. We unloaded and had easy access, only having one small step to manouver over. Before we set up in the lower main area, by the glass fronted windows. The table and cover were provided by the organiser, nice. The floor was hard wearing low pile carpet, lol, these things are important to a droid operator 😆
Techniquest, May the 4th be with you, R5D4, R2D2

Techniquest, May the 4th be with you, R2D2, R5D4

May the 4th be with you
At one point I thought, we’re going to be on TV for the day......lol
The doors opened at 10 and we where greeted by lots of visitors. The place is a lot like a similar place in Bristol. Lots of activities and experiments for kids. Plus there’s a planetarium & there were also videos sessions showing the science of Star Wars throughout the day.
They were also showing Star Wars 'A New Hope', but we weren't able to attend the viewing of this.
Techniquest, R2D2, R5D4, May the 4th be with you
Paul with his R2, & R5
The Imperials & Rebels joined the floor and we're greated by loads of children, some of them in costumes. (No photos of the members with children).
I know 'Princess Leia' from previous events attended & was good to catchup with her and the other members from the UK Garrision & Rebel Legion.

Darth Vader, R5-D4, Techniquest
I think Lord Vader is upset with R5 for some reason lol

Two local fellow club members popped down to the event to catch up which was good to see them.

Techniquest, rebel pilot, R2D2, May the 4th be with you
TV camera getting set up
Techniquest, rebel pilot, R2D2, May the 4th be with you

A local TV camera turned up to interview the organiser about the May the 4th event. I was told later that we (All of us) were seen on the local news lol. Will have ot check you tube for that lol.
Princess Leia, death star plans, R5D4, R2D2
The Princess had to upload the plans for the Death Star into R2

And we had a bit of fun with the droids too lol
Princess Leia, death star plans, R5D4, R2D2
R5 patiently waits his turn for the plans lol

The droids had loads of photo's taken and we got to chat with lots of interested kids & parents alike. A few people already knew about the club and one was actually in the process of building, tho had taken a break. Hopefully his visit will kick start it again for him.

We handed out lots of club trading cards plus my stickers of R5, to the kids.
R5D4 stickers - James Feurtado

Another fun event!
Good to me the people behind the armour and a good day all round.
Come the end of the day it was time to pack up.

I got to try out my Dome Bag.
It worked great & as it did it's purpose of being easy enough for a non builder to be able to carry in & out of the event, without them having to worry about how to hold the dome!
Dome bag, R5D4

The Imperials & Rebels were local, some only a short journey home. For myself & Paul, it was just an hour or so drive back across the bridge back to Bristol.

Thanks for inviting us @Techniquest.


Event - Techniquest in Cardiff - May 4th 2019

Looking forward to attending this event this Saturday.
First time visiting Techniquest over in Cardiff,
will be joining Paul with his 1977 authentically based R2-D2.
As well as other characters from Star Wars,
they are also screening 'A New Hope'.

Will try to post up event pictures on Instagram on the day.
instagram - james_r5d4
click logo to view james_r5d4 Instagram

Website's flyer image
Techniquest - May the 4th 2019
click the image to visit their website for the day's events,
times and entry fees.

Birmingham MCM Comic Con - Saturday 23rd March 2019 - Event Report

Early to rise for this one, 6am. Arrived and after the usual gaining an 'unloading ticket pass', unloaded & found the display stand that we would be joining with the other groups.

After the pre-event meeting, where all the groups under the 501st banner, went through the list of things to happen etc throughout the weekend, we returned to the stand to finish setting everything up ready for the event to open.

Lots of work in progress, from 3D printed to wood build and more.

Rebels pilots with her the Princess herself

Public view of the droids

Pre parade photo's. The parade (on the Saturday) started by the groups getting into order and then proceding outside to then re-enter further up the convention centre. We decided that it would be easier for us to drive up on the inside and join the parade as they re-entered the Hall.

These photo's were taken as we waited to join the parade.
 Getting ready to join the parade when they re-entre the Hall.

Us & Amanda, after the parade, about to join the lineup for the group photos.

And here we are in the photo lineup with everyone.
I don't have a picture of us IN the lineup though lol
mcm comic con, uk r2d2 builders club

The rest of the afternoon, was much like the rest of the day, public photos, chatting about the droids and about the group & about our chosen charity, that all the groups associated with the 501st, had kindly supported with collecting for over the weekend.

This charity was for Menigitis Now.
 link to the charity website and to Joanna's story
 click above image to link to the charity website and to Joanna's story
Fanthatracks interviewed Ian about the charity and about Joanna.
Meninigits Now, UK R2D2 Builders Club
photo credit to George

Thanks to Disney Lucasfilms, these prints, created by Paul Wiz Johnson, where produced for the club members who's droids appeared in the film 'Rogue One'.
Rogue One - Prints by Wiz

These are available to Club members
& are now signed by the operators of the droids from the film.

Also recieving the interview treatment was Lee,
with this mini DeAgostini  droid, that is being raffeled for the charity.
Click the link below to the Justgiving if you would like to enter,
as all entrey's go towards Meningitis Now, thank you.


And here's the interview made by Fanthatracks, via You Tube channel.
Click this link to view: Win R2-D2 built by droid builder Lee Towersey

As the day started to draw to a close, I wanted to get a good picture of R5 with his R4 dome on. So swapped them over and here he is.
R4D4, R4-D4

Another great, fun day spent with everyone. Interacting with the public is great and makes the traveling worth it. I was only able to attend the one day, for the others there was a meal & a groups party on the evening & then day two to look forward too.

But when the event closed its doors, it was time for me to pack up and load the car up.
This now leads me onto my Dome Bag idea, so check that out here.

My next event was a local one, South Bristol's Comic Con,
check out my event report & photos here.

My next event will be over in Cardiff @ Techniquest,
on Saturday May the 4th!
for event details click here.