*ROGUE ONE - trading card box*

This is the 3D printed insert work I did for my
Rogue One trading card box.

The box I found by chance on eBay, whilst searching.
The inside wasn't a snug fit for my cards as can be seen in the picture above and I didn't want them to get damaged at events for handing out to visitors.

So I designed up an insert for them.
(check the main Blog for 'Trading Cards')

Wanting to keep the text without having to dig out the support.
I decided that it would be best to print in two sections.

This worked out well. The lower section is a snug fit, so that when the upper section was placed inside the box, it was all located correctly for gluing together.

star wars trading cards box

Once filed and smoothed, I then glued and painted up the insert using matt black as the finishing coat. I also used left over metallic red from R5 & R0's build to highlight the text.

And then I hot glued into the bottom a piece of foam, that acted like a spring.
Helping to tilt and raise the cards for even easier access.

And the final installation with my Trading cards inserted.

Turned out great.

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