Event Report - Techniquest in Cardiff - May 4th 2019

It was a clear, Sunny but cold wind morning as Paul helped load R5 into his transporter. Before heading off over the bridge to Cardiff. Only an hours drive and you get some scenic views along the journey.

On arrival by 9, to the rear of the building, which apparently used to be the front,we were greeted by our events organiser. We unloaded and had easy access, only having one small step to manouver over. Before we set up in the lower main area, by the glass fronted windows. The table and cover were provided by the organiser, nice. The floor was hard wearing low pile carpet, lol, these things are important to a droid operator 😆
Techniquest, May the 4th be with you, R5D4, R2D2

Techniquest, May the 4th be with you, R2D2, R5D4

May the 4th be with you
At one point I thought, we’re going to be on TV for the day......lol
The doors opened at 10 and we where greeted by lots of visitors. The place is a lot like a similar place in Bristol. Lots of activities and experiments for kids. Plus there’s a planetarium & there were also videos sessions showing the science of Star Wars throughout the day.
They were also showing Star Wars 'A New Hope', but we weren't able to attend the viewing of this.
Techniquest, R2D2, R5D4, May the 4th be with you
Paul with his R2, & R5
The Imperials & Rebels joined the floor and we're greated by loads of children, some of them in costumes. (No photos of the members with children).
I know 'Princess Leia' from previous events attended & was good to catchup with her and the other members from the UK Garrision & Rebel Legion.

Darth Vader, R5-D4, Techniquest
I think Lord Vader is upset with R5 for some reason lol

Two local fellow club members popped down to the event to catch up which was good to see them.

Techniquest, rebel pilot, R2D2, May the 4th be with you
TV camera getting set up
Techniquest, rebel pilot, R2D2, May the 4th be with you

A local TV camera turned up to interview the organiser about the May the 4th event. I was told later that we (All of us) were seen on the local news lol. Will have ot check you tube for that lol.
Princess Leia, death star plans, R5D4, R2D2
The Princess had to upload the plans for the Death Star into R2

And we had a bit of fun with the droids too lol
Princess Leia, death star plans, R5D4, R2D2
R5 patiently waits his turn for the plans lol

The droids had loads of photo's taken and we got to chat with lots of interested kids & parents alike. A few people already knew about the club and one was actually in the process of building, tho had taken a break. Hopefully his visit will kick start it again for him.

We handed out lots of club trading cards plus my stickers of R5, to the kids.
R5D4 stickers - James Feurtado

Another fun event!
Good to me the people behind the armour and a good day all round.
Come the end of the day it was time to pack up.

I got to try out my Dome Bag.
It worked great & as it did it's purpose of being easy enough for a non builder to be able to carry in & out of the event, without them having to worry about how to hold the dome!
Dome bag, R5D4

The Imperials & Rebels were local, some only a short journey home. For myself & Paul, it was just an hour or so drive back across the bridge back to Bristol.

Thanks for inviting us @Techniquest.

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