Han Solo - costume for my Son

After R5's last event at Corsham 2014, my son said I should of dressed up in my TK armour, as it would of looked so cool next to R5 & R2. He then said he would like Stormtrooper armour, but not the 'kids' dress up stuff, PROPER armour like mine!
I managed to persuade him that yes it would be cool but time & money and the fact that before he'd get to wear it a second time, he'd of outgrown it, that it wasn't the best idea.

He wasn't to keen at first on my next few suggestions, even Han didn't impress him.
Then I said about Han when he was on the Death Star wearing the Stormtrooper belt,
during our Hero's escape from the Death Star.
Now THAT impressed him lol. So here's my attempt at this costume for him.

more to come....

...................2016 work has started on this project
  • E-11 Blaster....being made, work in progress
E-11 Blaster, stormtrooper, Star Wars

  • Vest.....being made WIP
Han Solo

  • Shirt..... to be made (?)
  • Trousers..... modified, bought items, with added 'Blood Stripes'.
Han Solo, costume

  • Stormtrooper belt......front section will be mine inc, ammo/drop boxes.
  • Holster......mine, not used with my armour.
  • Boots....... to be found on eBay.
Han Solo costume

For details of this costume build, click on my Blog for my progress.

**UPDATE - July 2016**

Well we had a great time at Celebration Europe 3! My Son was dead excited (but in a cool way....kids lol). He loved his outfit and definitely wore it well. And even got used to wearing the boots too. He had his picture taken with R5 when we were out front and out and about.
Here's a few pics of his finished outfit.
R5D4, Han Solo, cosplay
R5 & Han 'JJ' Solo
Han 'JJ' Solo
Me & my Boy
Checkout the full progress starting here.
Then follow the posts for 'Han Solo - costume for my Son'. Thanks & I hope it's of use to others to give making costumes a go :-)

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  1. 2016 will be the year my Son becomes Han Solo, more to come on my Blog, with links for info on this page.