R0 Dome - R0-D4 (un-official)

Here's my R0 designation dome for my R5 droid.

Possible change, but until then I'm calling him.......

(cross between the two)

I started building the dome in April 2016 after reading up on a post on Astromech.net by Sigge. He and two others had created and build in styrene, an R0 dome prototype. I wanted to try to build one myself, but as I wasn't sure things would work out, as the dome skin angle was a lot tighter than R5's. But it worked, lol I MADE it work :D
astromech droid
This was before spraying up white.

astromech droid

astromech droid
These two pics were taken at the Summer UK R2 Builders meet.
Still needs to be weathered.

Search up 'R0 dome', 'Builders Club Events' & 'R5-D4's events 2016'
on my main page for more on R5's dome build & events.

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