Star Wars shoes 1.0

A female friend of mine 'K', who loves Star Wars, wanted a pair of Star Wars heels.
She found a woman on Facebook, who would decorated shoes.
She had asked me (back in September 2013) if I could do it, but didn't have time
or the know how,to make them in time for when she wanted them.

So she 'ordered and paid' this woman to make/cover a pair of heels with Star Wars pics on them. This process is called decoupage and you use a product called 'mod podge'. After waiting months [longer than originally stated], they never arrived and because it was longer than 3 months, Paypal said there's nothing they can now do!
So I said I'd have a look into how to do it.

She also asked for a pic of R5 to appear on them lol.

Before working on them.... Those keen eyes among you will notice this is an old pic ;D
mod podge star wars heels
R5's NOT to impressued I'm working on something other than him lol.

Here is where I started....
mod podge star wars heels
Pics of shoes, mag and glue

Sunday was May 4th, so as good a day as any to start on K's shoes.
mod podge star wars heelsmod podge star wars heels

mod podge star wars heelsmod podge star wars heels

I had read 'how to' sites but was still not sure if I could do 'random' cutting up??
So deliberatly cutting random, cut-n-paste, is new to me............ 
.............well not since I was in primary school, lol.
The pics are ones sent for progress updates & to confirm she was happy with them.

This took about 3hrs to do and I did manage to start on the other shoe.
mod podge star wars heelsmod podge star wars heels

More to follow.....

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