Page header image change - R5-D4 (2019)

Trying to simplify things for my accounts, by standardising the images used.
The previous page header was taken back in 2016 at Celebration Europe.
click link for part 1 of my event report....

Now going for this simpler design.

James' R5-D4 logo

Also updated Twitter, & Instagram & Facebook pages.

Will be changing this page title to James' R5-D4 at some point in the future,
as long as it doesn't mess links up etc lol


Littlebits - Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit - pt 8 (2019)

So the extra tinkering I thought would help with the lid fitting better, radius'd edge, didn't and made the gap bigger. The idea for the lip is just to locate it centrally for gluing to the head. So I went back to alter the lip edge a bit more, I'll test print it this week.
Littlebits R2-D2
This is the Littlebits droid in it's R2-D2 guise.

.......and below as R5-D4
Littlebits R2-D2, littlebits R5-D4, 3D printing

Whilst I was at it, I re-positioned the antenna to face forward, it was just a little thing but it was bugging me lol. I also added a version with a 'bad motivator'.
Littlebits R5-D4, 3d printing, bad motivator

Littlebits R5-D4, 3d printing, bad motivator

Littlebits R5-D4, 3d printing, bad motivator

Both 'lid' options will be available on
my Thingiverse account.

Littlebits - Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit - pt 7 (2019)

Last week my youngest daughter got out the Littlebits R2-D2. She had been doing some work in school and it re-ignited her imagination with electronics.
Littlebits R2-D2

So back in work I re-opened the 3D files I had drawn up for the R5-D4 dome and got back on tinkering with the final design from earlier this year. Click here for part 6.

With our new works 3D printer and my new design, I had more confidence that this would print/work second time around.
R5-D4, R5-D4 3D print, 3D printing
With the print time at just over 12 hours, and all the settings set to standard, due to my limited knowledge of them lol.
R5-D4, R5-D4 3D print, 3D printing

R5-D4, R5-D4 3D print, 3D printing
This picture shows the support structure.

Once happy with everything, I set the print to start just before I left work.
3D printing, Instagram, R5-D4, R5-D4 3D print

With my fingers crossed for a successful print come the morning......

* * 
* * *
* * * *
* * * * *

.......The morning came and YES, success! I've not felt this good about a 3D print in a long time lol, especially after the previous dome print fail. Here's the pictures before removing from the print bed.
R5-D4 3D printing scaled dome

R5-D4 3D printing scaled dome
The print quality is fantastic! Even when removing the supports, the finish is still great.
I just need to finish removing all the support material and see how well the 'lid' fits the dome.

Once everything is sorted, I'll post up this print on my Thingiverse account.

I'll post up more next week.......


My own Magnetic Power Connector 1.0

After seeing ones available on the Astromech forum, I thought I'd have a go at designing my own as all I need is just power to the dome.

I searched up on eBay and found the magnets needed. I then drew up a few ideas, this is the first test piece.
I printed these off and when I got home, the magnets had arrived in the post. So I tested them out by fitting them into the recessed holes.

This was my first go and was happy it worked. I next thought about ensuring correct alignment & cable fitting etc.

I had a break/holiday over the summer and have restarted again with ideas. Some where a bit over the top and a bit to complicated lol.

Event - Bristol Comic Con - October 19-20th 2019

Myself, Paul, Mike & Wayne will be attending this local event, right here in Bristol.
UKCGF is organised my Moose Events and is at the:

UWE Exhibition and Conference Centre

R2-D2, R2-XL, R5-D4 & R2-TK

Paul will also be bringing along his own hand built
'B9 Robot' from the original 'Lost in Space' TV series.
Which has recently had some upgrades.

The event has been held here before and is always well attended.
Looking forward to attending and catching up with the other R2 guys.
UWE Exhibition Centre - Bristol

I'm only able to attend Saturday, but the others will be there both days.

Event report to follow......


Force Friday 3 - The Rise of Skywalker - Droid Factory set

So last week was.......
Triple Force Friday 2019

Myself and Paul (and the droids) had planned on attending our local Disney Store, but due to a change of plans, this didn't happen.

Being a droid fan, I was excited to see the new Droid Factory 4 figure set, released (in the USA) in connection with the new film 'The Rise of Skywalker'.

Droid Factory 'The Rise of Skywalker'
A fellow club member is at Disney and sent these great pictures of the new box set. Thanks to Nik H. D-0 has already been seen, but the other three are 'new' R5-2JE, R6-LE5 & R2-SHP.

And here's the rear of the box.
Droid Factory 'The Rise of Skywalker'
The rear pictures feature the actual toy figures, rather than in the past, they have shown pictures of the actual droids.

Another group member, let me know that there's a UK Facebook group organising a list to purchase these for UK people, so I should be able to get hold of these in a few weeks.


Event - Feel The Force Day 2019 - unable to attend

For the first time since I started attending this great event, I'll not be able to go this year.
It's on the Saturday 5th October 2019.

Event - Triple Force Friday 2019

Is coming this October 4th
and over the weekend
(here in the UK)

Triple Force Friday will feature merchandise for:
Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker,
the TV series The Mandalorian
and the video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Vintage Futaba 'Ripmax' M4 & M6 for R5-D4 - 1.2 - Crystal Hatch

I’v had to do a few more attempts trying to fine tune the fit for the clip part of the hatch.
And also the leg pins to locate the hatch for it to pivot.

I reduced the actual width of the hatch to give a bit more twist movement for fitting which has helped. More work in progress.


Official Droid Cover for R5-D4 - part 2

R5's new droid cover.

It arrived a few months back, just not got round to posting up a picture of it.
It's large enough to not only cover R5 (body) but also his transport sled too, which will come in handy as it's made of wood too.

Checkout my last post here, Official Droid Cover for R5-D4 - part 1

First event in a long time will be this Friday for it's first 'official' use......

39.1% droid sticker for Calm - applied to my case

Applied one of the 39.1% stickers to my case.

First event in a long time will be this Friday......