** Celebration Europe 3 - 2016 - The Event Report PT1 **

A day by day event report of my time at CE3, starting from Wednesday night (13th July)
This will be in a few parts....

Wednesday 13th:
Was basically loading everything into the Zafira. The wheels on the platform made life a lot easier. Both R5 & R0-D4 domes were loaded in, plus a suitcase, transmitter box, tool box & food (sweets lol) for the journey.

Thursday 14th:
After dropping my two youngest's off at school, as I wasn't now going to see them till Saturday evening, I set off up to London.

I eventually arrived about 2:30pm & met up with other builders who were also unloading at the same time, Brad, Matt, Giles to name just three. We all then helped set up where our droids would be displayed etc. Here we met up with Oliver Steeples. Once done it was time for a wonder around to get bearings of the venue.

This was still all being set up...
Star Wars stage
Checkout he AT-AT & Tie Fighter
AT-AT walker
lol, had to be done
Was so blown away with the Star Wars Falcon stage set, that I didn't even realise the gorgeous Andi Guttierrez sat a foot away from me :D She turned & smiled, I froze and smiled politely back lol
Falcon stage set
Setting up of the R2 Builders area:
James X-Robots R6 3D printed droid
Brad's BHD droids
R2D2 droid
Astromech's group shot
Simon's Boba Fett Droid

Just a few of the droids. And R5's temp display area.
R2-D2 & R5-D4 display area
Next then was a scout around. First thing I noticed in the main walkway, was the Death Star....
Death Star @ Celebration Europe 2016
Death Star @ Celebration Europe 2016
This would be a rare sight as it wouldn't last long....no, the Rebels didn't blow it up (tho they might of blew it up in the first place lol), but due to technically difficulties (apparently) it had to be taken down! So if you saw it up, you are special!

Part 2 to follow.....

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