Merry Christmas 2018

Another year has come and gone with loads of events & work done.
Looking foreward to more of the same in 2019


R0-D4 - new 3D neck printing 2018 - 1.3

Glued the first two pieces together after a test glue with some of the first 'failed' pieces. The red marker lines are a reminder for alignment of the two pieces that fit, as these were version 2.0.
latest new four pieces 2.1 versions
Came into work this morning to four more finished 2.1 versions. There was some slight warping, but this will leveled out, so not so big a deal. Here's the two glued pieces, mocked joined up with two other non-finished pieces.
four pieces, test fitting.

Hope to get a few more printed before work shuts down for Christmas.


R0-D4 - new 3D neck printing 2018 - 1.2

More 3D designing and test prints been going on this week. Had to wait for more filament so couldn't set the print to run over night.

Friday's two prints were good, but I needed a bit more thickness, the location tab needed to be lengthened (above picture) and also to be able to secure each piece together.....so version 2.0 was created.....
3D print
Version 2.0

......soon to be replaced with 2.1 tweeked versions lol This will be going up on the printer later today.


James_R5D4 on Instagram 2018

@james_r5d4 Instagram
Posted this up this morning, I thought some other pics
where liked more than some of these, lol.

Being on Instagram (link) long, it's good to
share event pics & project's etc.

I don't do follow for follow stuff, I just post and like what I like.
My stuff is 99% all Star Wars & R5-D4 related,
mostly to my build & projects I work on etc.


R0-D4 - new 3D neck printing 2018 - 1.1

Drew up in AutoCAD Inventor a new neck ring/skin that I hope I'll be able to use. It's similar to the neck skin I printed off for the R4-D4 dome (link to post), but as the frame already has support, this will literally just be an outer skin.

A few things will need to be looked at, but I think I have an idea on how to fix these to the base ring.
This was my first multiple printer set up success!
Previous attempts failed to action by the printer.
So had to create one stl file with multiple components.

There was a bit of lift to the rear corner, but not enough to worry about.

I've now started to print off two other pieces which have location tabs for fixing to the wood frame and they also have a thicker upper edge.

Hopefully these will be finished printing by the end of my work day lol, as I want to be able to take them along to the Builders Event tomorrow.

picture click link to UK R2D2 Builders website
More next week along with photo's of tomorrow's event......


3D Printed duel pump holder

Following on from testing two air pumps for the 'Bad Motivator' smoke system. I drew up in AutoCAD Inventor (works program) and 3D printed off a duel pump holder.
r5d4 bad motivator system

r5d4 bad motivator system

Duel pump holder
Click on this image to link to actual 3D.stl file via Thingsiverse

It printed out quiet well and is actually a more tighter fit then the single version I had previously made. I think because of the extra supports, they give less flexibility.

And here's a picture of them fitted.

This is still all under development and a bit of fun, so will see if I actually install this set up.
I'll post this up on my Thingiverse account, but check out the single pump via the link.


UK R2D2 Builders Christmas Event December 2018

UK R2D2 Builders Club

So, this Saturday, UK builders from across the country

will be attending the annual Builders Christmas meet.
The day is open to all builders from beginners to not so beginners lol.

With Astromech's, Chopper droids, BB8's,
mouse droids, just to mention a few!

There will be talks, lots of droids for everyone to check out,

ask questions etc and generally catch up with everyone.

Am really looking forward to this!

And the Boonta Training Course lol...
checkout the video link by clicking on the picture below

Here's a pic from last years meet.
UK R2D2 Builders Club
I'll post up an event report next week along with loads of pictures, I hope.
Also, checkout the Clubs Facebook page,
Twitter might get a few mentions,
Instagram for photos

For club members onlythe event will again be streamed live,
via the Facebook page (TBC).

R0-D4 - update 2018 - 1.0

Been meaning to finish the upgrade I started on the R0 dome, I didn't get round to actually posting up what I'd done.

Back last year 2017, after I had upgraded R5's dome ring to a rockler type one. I started on R0's dome.

R0-D4 dome upgradeR0-D4 dome upgrade
I had to remove the original neck skin as I had attached it to the lower dome rotation ring.

R0-D4 dome upgradeR0-D4 dome upgrade
Unfortunatley I had to physcally break the wood as it was pinned and glued in place.

R0-D4 dome upgrade

I then used the new R5 base ring to reproduce a new one for R0's dome.
R0-D4 dome upgrade

Due to a set back regarding not being able to have a new metal neck made up, I had moved onto building an R4 dome. The neck on this one was drawn up and 3D printed in sections.

I had also decided that the dome looked a bit plain. So decided to add some pin lines lol. In homage to Stuarts awesome R2-S8.
R0-D4 dome paint upgradeR0-D4 dome paint upgrade

R0-D4 dome paint upgrade

R0-D4 dome paint upgrade

Some of the lines have bled a bit, but this is fine as it will add to the weathered/used effect.

.....so roll on into ......& to the end of 2018, lol and I thought I'd better finish up this dome, well, you never know if it might ever be needed.....
R0-D4 dome paint upgrade

So first off is to see if I can refit the original neck strip. The breaks will need some work doing to make good again, but can't see that being a probelm. If this doesn't work, I may have to look at 3D printing up a new neck ring strip.....


Smoke system tutorial - Part 2.2 (on hold)

Carrying on from my first post back earlier this year,
part two is to do with the remote
control/power side of the unit.

R5's bad motivator system
Smoke system set up at present, soon to be upgraded.

I was going to write this all up,
but am now working on another upgrade...
so will post this ALL at once I've tested it all and it works.


'Droid Builders Talk' from MCM Birmingham 2018

25th November 2018

Here are two video's featuring the Club filmed at Birmingham's NEC.

The first is of the presentation given on budget droid building, hosted by Oliver & Craig.

An interesting talk about build materials, 3D printing, which Craig's droid is made from.

The second is of the builders stand.

Credit and thanks go to Wayne Alan.


NHS Childrens Christmas Event - December 2nd 2018

Sunday's event was a first for myself & Paul.
We had been invited by John from

'Dream2Believe' (Facebook link)

along with

'Central Legion' (Facebook link)

to attend a Christmas Party for Terminally ill Children & their families.
Dream2Believe event 2018

Paul drove us up in his van, which was able to accommodate both droids & extras.
We set off just after 9am, and on our arrival we met John (D2B) & Mel (CL).
The other costumer's were getting ready.
Dream2Believe event 2018
Mary found the Death Star plans

R2 & R5 took up position in the small lobby,
whilst the costumers mingled with the guests.
Santa arrived about 12:45pm to a guard of honour from the cosplayers.

There was plenty to entertain the guests
and a lot of happy smiles were seen on the children's (& adults) faces.

Big thanks to all who attended, it was a good day.
Dream2Believe event 2018
Just some of those who attnded from Dream2Believe & Central Legion.


R4-D4 Holoprojector motorised - upgrade 1.4 - new LED's

Been meaning to draw up a new LED holder
for this unit to 'sit' in properly.
Used my standard version and altered it
to accept the lower contacts.
R4-D4 Holoprojector LED

R4-D4 Holoprojector LED

It's bright, so may look at blocking out the centre/front LED.
More work to come.

New Club Mug - UK R2D2 Builders event 2018

Whilst at MCM Birmingham I picked up a club mug.
These were available firstly to attending club members
at this years first weekend meet-up event
& then available to anyone after if there were surplus.

Thankfully there were a few left.


MCM Birmingham - November 24th (Saturday) 2018

Saturday morning I was awake before my alarm went off at 5:30am lol.

Car was already loaded and once Paul arrived in his van with his wife & R2, we headed up in convoy to the NEC Birmingham (UK). No snow this time. On arriving and navigating the unloading/pass/procedure, we joined others who had also arrived prior to us, to set up the droids on our display area.

This was one of our biggest attended events with 15 droids, plus 2 work in progress ones and two extra domes on display (one being R4).

This time round the event was held in different halls, we were in hall 19 of three (17 & 18).

We had so many droids, some had to roll over to a clear area and have their pictures taken.

Here's a link to my You Tube account
with a short video montarge.

And some of the day's pictures.
UK R2D2 Builders ClubUK R2D2 Builders Club

No parade was able to take place on the Saturday, but a full line up with the UK Garrison & friends was arranged for photograph purposes.

This picture was taken by fellow club member George.
UK R2D2 Builders Club

The event was busy, tho not so crowded that you couldn't move.....

UK R2D2 Builders Club
Here's a droids-eye-view of a mini procession we did around a section of stands and back to ours. This drew quiet a crowed, surprising to hear people say that they hadn't seen us (the stand) as they were taking photos.

The first time at an MCM event that R5 actually found
and had time not once but three times
to have his picture taken with the MCM Logo sign lol.
UK R2D2 Builders Club, MCM comic Con, R5D4

Later R5 with Chis' s R2-D2 (work in progress)
& some Ewoks from the UK Garrison 501st.
UK R2D2 Builders Club, R5D4, R2D2

Come the end of the first day, we grouped all the droids together for a group photo of them.

Most of the day was spent chatting to the public about the droids, building them and the club. Before I knew it it was 5 o'clock. The group photos were set up to be taken and then it was almost 6pm. Time to pack away, for those who were heading home, lke myself, loading up and back on the road back home.

Another great time with the group members, some I've not seen in a few years now. Others this was their first time at an event. The other builders had a second day to look forward too.... and they had another great time. Checkout the UK R2D2 Builders Club on Facebook.

  • My next event is this coming Sunday, this one is a first for me and Paul (with his R2D2), more next week on how this one went.
  • Next club event is December the 15th, this is our Christmas builders meet up.

3D printed Y spliter for smoke system - TEST 1

I drew up and 3D printed up the 'Y' splitter as I wasnted to see if the idea would work. Last week I got time to try it out.

My current system setup runs on 6volts, this was mainly due ot the air pump I have, which at the time I could only find at this voltage. I drew up and 3D printed a new 'dual' support bracket to hold two e-cig catomiser units. I also printed off another of my collars to fit around the e-cig base. I then connected up the plastic tubes to them and the pump and test fired it all up.

Click this picture
or the following link
for the
You Tube short video.

Here's some pics.

As you can see in the video the unit works, though I perhaps was expecting more lol.

Next.....just as something to try.....I plumbed in a second air pump to power the second e-cig unit.

This made a slight difference, but not as much as I would like lol.

I've got some new bits on order to try a few more ideas. There are a few people now building for sale of this type of unit, so this is still just a fun 'upgrade' project for R5. If this is of help to you then that's a positive bonus to my trial and error work.

New RC Transmitter - Exmitter EX7 + mini review

So, at Optimus Bristol, I had a slight accident with my Optics 6 Sport transmitter. Basically I managed to cross the battery contacts whilst swapping old/new ones over. It turned on but no signal to R5. So the rest of the event, he was shut down for display only.

Really gutted about this as the controller had been really good and it was a gift from a fellow builder friend Colin. Not to mention the additional extra's I'd addded to make it more user friendly.

Never mind.
My next headache then was getting a NEW transmitter, installing and testing/setting it up all before my next event at MCM London. This might not seam like a big deal, but shop  availability isn't good and transmitter choice is limited for me unfortunatly. Due to more financial restrictions, this expense was the last thing I needed.

I did find on tho and picked it up from the shop on the Monday lunchtime.
(Would just like to say thanks to Rob for the loan offer of his spare transmitter until I was mobile again). Got the transmitter home Monday night and got to testing and setting up the transmitter/reciever.

It's a Volantex Exmitter EX7. Link (this is an example, product link)

Volantex Exmitter EX7

It has a 7 channel reviever.
Volantex Exmitter EX7

I wanted to first check it would work ok, so Monday night was just a plug everything in and power up. Then (due to limited free time), Wednesday evening I was able to continue setting up and adjusting the settings.

This post was written before MCM London, so once the transmitter has had it's first outting, I'll write up a report and add it below afterwards.

Swapped over the left stick mask and the stick 'pads'.
James R5-D4 Exmitter EX7James R5-D4 Exmitter EX7


Setting up was quite straight forward, once I had the control sticks sussed. Reversing was also really simple to do and the instructions are really easy to follow. The transmitter itself is very light, and after it's first outting at MCM London, there was no wrist ach, which was the reason for the hand strap I fitted to the Optic 6 unit. The sub-trim was easy to set up, again, thanks to the instructions and the fact that once you get the button order, it becomes second nature.
I've not added anything to the other controls yet.

I did have one moment when setting up where the reciever seemed to loose connection with the transmitter??? I was sat right next to R5 and the reciever was in an odd position.....

Nothing bad happened, as I had already set the fail safe positions to zero. This ensure that R5 doesn't carry on in whatever he was doing if the signal is lost.
This is one of the safety features all droids should have in their settings!

The transmitter now has a few event's to it's name and even though it uses four AA batteries, these have lasted well and from the on screen monitor, are still going strong!
I can say this unit gets the thumbs up from me.