R4-D4 Dome work progress 3.4 - new neck skin 3D printed

I took the dome into work so that I could check that the new ring panels would best fit, where cut-outs would be required and where clearances would need to be. I missed the fact that the panels I had been printing were the wrong height.

This wasn't made apparent until I took the dome home to check for diameter clearance.

So I had to start re-printing the correct height ones. Due to the groove on the outside, I can't even modify the pieces already printed.

Here's the correct pieces fitted in place so far.

The connecting tab to help strengthen the two pieces.....this was the plan.....see below re: Gordon Tarpley 

Cut out for the supports

I follow Grodon Tarpley on You Tube, and on Instagram. He posted up the other day about using a soldering iron to melt/join PLA together.

So I did a test piece on two wrong height pieces and it worked. So I 'welded' the above pieces together. This has helped strengthen the thin lipped edge.

Welded the two parts together

I'm still printing off the other panels for the neck, whilst the printer is doing this, I can carry on with filing and sanding the ring.

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