Smoke system tutorial - Part 1 introduction

As with most of my Blog, the assumption is that you the reader don't want to read about 'how long I held this in position for' or 'how tight to tighten a bolt'. Most of it is common sense. And I hope I post enough photo's to 'fill in the blanks'.

I have been asked on my Facebook page tho about my latest upgrade of R5's smoke system. So I hope this will explain the work I have done. First tho, a bit of history about how I developed this idea to this stage.

E-Cig Mod: Smoke system info can be found all over the internet and e-Cig hacked/mod for 'fog machines' are plenty. I found videos on YouTube, for Ghostbuster's backpack venting systems, and this gave me the idea to build R5's original smoke system.
This was my first test & it worked great
Link to my You Tube channel showing my first smoke tests.

The problem is the soldering of the wires to the middle contact,

without blocking the hole to allow air through.
The blown wire has to be soldered onto the centre pin,
without blocking the hole with solder
Then you have to file the outside of the atomiser to get bare metal to be able to solder on the negative wire (blue in picture above). But as you can see, the inside still needs to have a tube to cover all of this to channel the air flow.

I managed this, but struggled as the solder joints would break contact, and the unit would of been sealed with hot glue to help the pumped air through the atomiser.

One problem also is that all this is then a fixed item! It you wanted to refill the unit, you had to disconnect wires from the supply etc.

After over a year of not having any smoke, due to the disappointment of it not working after attempts to fix it, I decided to read up a bit more and try a new way to connect everything up. This is not the difinitive way to do this as I'm a novice at e-Cig stuff, but this is how I got mine to work and it's also a LOT easier to assemble, and use/refill the atomiser.

Check out my next post on how I assembled everything, coming soon:
'Smoke system tutorial - Part 2 Assembly'

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