Happy Birthday to my youngest No.1 Star Wars Fan

Today is my youngest daughters birthday.
She (like my other two) is so special to me,
plus she really enjoys Star Wars (not a requirement,
I should point out lol) But she really does love it.

Happy Birthday!


R4-D4 Holoprojector motorised - upgrade 1.2

After three 3D printed attempts to get the offset right, the rear holo cowel/servo holder (orange piece in picture) fits nicely. I drew it up to match my previous servo holder, but now to hold two.

It required minimal clean-up and only fixing holes to be drilled.

This picture shows, the assembly of parts I've CAD drawn up and 3D printed. To aid the movement, I use the same as others have which is cutting up a 'Better Breath' anti-snore strip. These work great!
The end tabs (in red box) are the parts I cut off to use.
I also needed to draw up a new bearing holder, the small dark blue splined item in above picture. This just required a slight file around the outside edge to allow it to fit snugly inside the holoprojectors rear opening.
The slot allows the holder to expand to accept the bearing, and this causes the holder to expand slightly for a tight fit in the holo's rear opening. The outside diameter did get a slight file around it to make it easier to remove from the rear of the holoprojector.

I didn't take any pictures before these test pictures below, but I will later as I have to remove to spray up the new holoprojector.
 The orientation of the servo arms is not final, this is just how they were when fitted.


I'm looking at some new LED units, this one below is one I had from before, retesting it's use, which requires me to CAD up a new holder for it.
The two other LED units will be here in a few days.


R4-D4 Holoprojector motorised - upgrade 1.1

Took all the components into work last week, to see what I could do about fitting the REON board up inside my Holoprojector.

After much thinking, I decided that it would be just easier to draw up a new holo which would allow me to fit the circuit board.

Doesn't look much different, it's not, except that the rear hole is now large enough to accept the REON board. Next up was to 3D print it.

After cleaning the holo up, I test fitted it inside the original cowel. With the soft pads inside it was nice and smooth.

I next need to draw up a new bearing holder to fit in the back.

Noooooooo, whilst testing the REON unit, the voltage regulator unit failed?' which sent 12volts into the REON unit, releasing the demon of burn circuit smell. Spoke to Paul as thought I may be able to fix the LED, but on further testing....there was no response from it.

Others have had plenty of success with these units, unfortunatly I'm not 100% confident in in using it, no circuit protection, plus I couldn't get the servo to work?? I've decided to go back to my own lighting idea and try to figure out random servo control myself.


On a positive note, I made a new lens for the holo, this was because the original tight fitting one.....was just a tad too tight in my new design.

I dug out one of the spare 'fake' cctv plastic domes i had, marked it up and cut it out. A bit of filing the edges and.....one new (not so domed) lens. This will fit on top of the diffuser.

Next up is sanding and filler/primer of the new holo, and drawing up and printing off a new rear, all-in-one /servo holder unit. More on that next week.


R4-D4 Holoprojector motorised - upgrade 1.0

My friend Paul posted up that he had now fitted his new REON Holoprojector units.

For Astromech members the link for the REON units is here.

These boards are fitted with a colour changing LED and other circuits that also control random servo movements. When re-told about these, I remember reading the articual....four years ago, but because I didn't have any use for it, building an R5 unit, I forgot about it's usefulness. Forward four years and the lightbulb moment came for using it to control R4's holoprojector unit.
Servo 1 test fitting
Paul was kind enough to let me have one of his control boards as he was getting another for a new project he’s working on. 
Size DOES matter lol
The board won't fit up inside the Holo.....
What to do......I'll have to think about this.....

I will need to print off the two servo holder unit I designed for him. Image below was early design to allow location holes to be drilled to best suit his holo's.

This will get a few changes to the design, cut outs etc. & possibly a new power mounting board too....