Work update 2 - Outer Foot No.2 & Battery Harness Straps & Leg No.2

Leg No.2
Cut out ankle slot.
Finished sanding all over. But work still needed doing on the curve to get it smoother.
Then applied primer spray all over.
Then applied satin white, in stages, front/side faces then once dried, rear face.

Re-test fitted the 2nd outer foot internal assembly, and found that the leg end was to long for the channel. Basically, either the leg's hole was to high or the foot internal assembly hole was drilled to low or both lol. So I had to mark and cut off some material from the leg end and file smooth. This will need to be primed and sprayed again, not the end of the world as the slot & curved ankle area also need re-doing. Wasn't happy with how either looked so did some more work on them. Next re-sanding, primer, white.

Outer Foot shell No.2
What with R5 going to be on display, and whilst spraying up the leg. I decided to apply a few light coats of primer.
R2D2 R5D4 feet foot
Outer Shell No.2 WIP still
I also sprayed up the centre channel of the internal foot, visable when assembled.

Outer feet internals:
Applied primer to channel areas of the internal wheeled feet.
R2D2 wheels feet
Not the best shot, but this shows the internal side supports to stop the shell tipping
Then applied satin white. These are not perfect, but will do for now. When these are converted to the motorised version, they will be redone to a higher standard!
Started working on a 'strip' to cover the channel that will be sprayed 'aluminium'.

Battery Harness straps.
Hot glued on the blue details onto the two straps.
Then applied wood filler to the visable gaps.
Once dried, they were wiped clean of excess filler and will be touched up with blue.
Then I hot glued the straps into place on the battery box :)
R2D2 Feet
A before and after picture
R2D2 Feet
The Outer Foot Assembly No1....almost complete

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