Work update - Outer Foot No.2 & Battery Harness Straps & Leg No.2

Outer Foot No.2 work:
Internal Work:
Cut, screwed, drilled & fitted centre piece to clamp sides together. Made some spacers as the internal frame was a bit slack. Made up some side supports, to keep the shell level and square.

External Work:
Cut out the front and rear 'channels'.
Glued on the front plate where the knurled hose fittings go.
And also the rear plate.
Bonded on the last top piece of the shell.
Drilled and screwed side panel detail on, for hole ref at the moment. Still need to create the curve and top strip detail.
Started adding internal supports to stop the shell from 'wobbeling' on the frame. [two added so far].

Outer Foot No.1 work:
Silver sprayed up the front and rear strip details.
Started applying black paint and smudging it to look oily and dirty - W.I.P.

Battery Box Harness Straps:
Silver sprayed these two up.
Metalic Blue sprayed up all four details, these's will be glued on and additional filler added under 'blue' parts [and painted blue] once all dried.
R2D2 R5D4

Leg No.2
Applied wood filler over the back face of leg no.2 to cover the grain.
Started Sanding curved area, then applied some primer. This showed up where more filler was needed and which was then applied.

Finished of the second recess for the under shoulder stabiliers the other day, needs cleaning up round the edges with some wood filler.

Marked the ankle slot position, but this showed that the curve of the ankle was flatter on one side. This i wasn't happy with, so mixed up some car body resin & applied to area that needs building up more.

Transferred fixing points onto leg, ready to be drilled, these can just be seen in above picture.

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