Vintage Futaba 'Ripmax' M4 & M6 for R5-D4 - 1.1 - Crystal Hatch

Back in 2016, I purchased two Futaba transmitter controllers, similar to the ones seen used on set of Star Wars to control R5-D4 at the Lars Homestead.

Click link for my original post:
Vintage Futaba 'Ripmax' M4 & M6 for R5-D4 - 1.0

These two controllers didn't come with antenna's and neither of them came with crystal hatch covers, as can be seen in this photo I found online.
Futaba, Ripmax transmitter
So after much searching online, with no success, I decided to 3D draw one up.
I only had this image from a manual as to what the underside of the hatch looked like, but I did have the transmitter, so was able to get dimensions to start designing.
Futaba - crystal hatch - instructions

My first version, fitted, but the width was tight & the catch tab was too long, so version two, was modified as the picture below.
Futaba crystal hatch
This fitted width wise, but I still needed to redesign the position of the catch tab a bit more. Below is version 2. I also added the text to match the first picture (not 100% accurate font).

Next post will have version 3.....


Vintage Futaba Antenna - Ribbon indicator 1.1

Way back in January of this year I posted up my search and 3D printed design for the antenna ribbon indicator clip. There are two types, but this was the first one I found and so drew it up. See link below for previous post on this topic.
Vintage Futaba transmitter - R5D4

Click these link's to Vintage Futaba Antenna - Ribbon indicator 1.0 and also this link to my Thingiverse account & the ribbon clip.

I've been searching online over these months looking for an authentic blue ribbon, as seen in the above picture. I found one but the price was a bit much! So I picked up some blue ribbon off eBay, that matched as close as possible, to tide me over till I actual find a vintage one at a reasonable price.
reproduction vintage Futaba transmitter ribbon
I just need to cut it to a suitable length for the display unit.


39.1% droid stickers for 'Calm'

Yesterday I received my 39.1% Stickers thanks to Lee Towersey.
Lee Towersey

The 39.1% sticker, Calm charity

They measures approx. 125mm x 125mm at widest points.

'CALM' campaign against living miserably

The best thing though about them is that all profit will be donated to the CALM charity www.thecalmzone.net

R2 Builders Talk @ MCM Birmingham 2018

Click on the photo for link or here, to watch the video taken
by Wayne at last years MCM Birmingham Comic Con.
Oliver & Craig talk about the Club and the different droids you can build,
from aluminium to 3D printed.


R5’s five year anniversary

Five years ago today (actually at 7pm GMT) R5 took his first steps, so to speak.

I powered him up and drove him around my driveway. Here’s the link to the short video taken by my Son. https://youtu.be/DyD8eECN9XQ
His dome didn’t have a motor or wheel to control it at this stage of the build. So can be seen, freely moving when he moves in the opposite direction.


Event - Invasion Colchester 2019 - Club droids attended

Saturday 7th September

Members of the club joined lots of other groups to attended 'Invasion Colchester'.
Check out their website for more info....

Picture below is from R2-CT Facebook page.
His droid converted with an R4 type dome.
Droid lineup:

R4-CT (yellow R4, left), R2-FETT, U9-C4 ( yellow R5) next to R2-ST (purple)


The event raises money for these two charities:


Event - Lee Towersey - TEDx Leamington Spa 9-Nov-2019


'Lee Towersey is a droid builder and operator who has worked across the Star Wars franchise since 2013.

A long-time member of the R2-D2 Builders Club, his journey from ‘fan’ to ‘film crew’ began at the Star Wars Celebration convention in Essen, Germany where, while showcasing their R2-D2 replicas to fellow fans and members of the public, the builders engaged in a conversation with Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy about their work.

A few months later Lee Towersey & Oliver Steeples were contacted on Kennedy’s recommendation and the pair were subsequently hired to develop R2-D2 and other droid props for Star Wars: The Force Awakens as part of the film’s creature effects team.

Lee returned for subsequent Star Wars film installments and has worked as a droid operator on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Solo: A Star Wars Story and is currently involved with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

After his childhood love of Lego and remote control cars led him to Hollywood, Lee actively exhibits and demonstrates his creations to help encourage the next generation of engineers.'

Link for more on this TEDx event: www.tedxleamingtonspa.com


UK R2D2 Builders Club - Summer 2019

For the second year members from all over the UK & some from over seas,
joined up for the Builders Event of the year.

 UK R2D2 Builders Club Weekend 2019 

This event is for the builders (& families) to attend and spend (for some) the weekend, catching up, introduction to new members, looking at & talking about Astromech etc.

There were presentation talks given by fellow members of the club on programming, 3D drawing & printing as well as some special guests, some of whom you will probably of seen at conventions, and also on there You-Tube channels etc. Lee Towersey & Matt Denton to name drop just two. There was also a live link-up with some of Americas fellow R2 Builders!

It was a great opportunity to meet club members who some have only met on-line or at events attended by the club. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend, due to family holiday, so no photos, though these can be found on the public accessible Facebook club page.

New Droids: Astromech's, BB8's, a few MSE-6's (mouse droids) and just a few 'A-LT Utility Droids'.

Now, for those not in the know, these were first seen (very briefly) & used on the film 'Rogue One'. These are track driven droids unlike the wheeled Astromechs.

They were then re-purposed for use on 'Solo - a Star Wars Story' and can be seen on Dryden Vos's ship the 'First Light'.......
A-LT utility droid

..........as well as in the Pyke control centre on Kessel (below pictures & links).

A-LT utility droid
A-LT utility droid

These 1:1 scale droids have become a little bit famous in the R2 building community and thanks to Mr Baddeley designing up a smaller scaled version, builders were able to 3D print and remote control them.....for a spot of racing lol. For more, check out the UK R2 Builders Club, via Facebook. There's also a video over on Fantha tracks, You Tube page.

Mr Baddeley also has a Facebook page for his 3D work. So check it out if your interested in seeing more of his and others work.