Taking a break......

Am taking a break.
I have a lot of things to deal with at the moment.

I have these projects which I’d like to finish as well as other updates for R5, as I enjoy working on them, but I’m not giving myself enough time.

I’ll be back, once I feel better.


Thingiverse - Top 5 .stl's this month

Everyone loves free stuff, but it's even better when it's of actual use to you lol.

The top five downloads
this last month period - May 10th to June 10th.

My mini fake electronics part. This piece was combined into my larger R4 fake electronics panel, also on my Thingiverse account.
Thingiverse, James R5D4

The Vape collar - large, is second. And it's nice to see that the two Solo display stands are still being downloaded.
Thingiverse, James R5D4
Overall, since I started posting my work up, the Y-splitter has had the most downloads. This was designed as a test for R5's smoke system. Second place is the R4 Fake elctonics panel. The Holo projector holder is 3rd and the vent I designed up as part of a cooling mini airconditioning unit for my daughters bedroom (last years hot summer nights) is the 4th most downloaded piece.

It's nice to see that these are being used. These are all pieces I have needed and drawn up in my spare time. Thingiverse is a great way to share stuff.

Here's my link. Thingiverse @James_R5D4

Dome Bag - 2.5 base & side stitched up.

Friday evening I cut out the two pieces of material for the base foam. This time I allowed for the side of the foam, plus extra for hemming the edges. Next was to pin the two pieces together, this proved a challenge as some of the side material has to be gathered up so the two diameters match up.

Saturday I sewed the two pieces together and not without it's problems. The first being I pinned the two halfs the right way round, instead of inside out, so the stitching is on the inside when turned out the right way. The with areas of miss stitching having to be gone over again.

Side material for the foam diameter protection. Placed the foam onto the material and folded it over. Was going to pin but instead used a chalk line as a guide. I added pins away from the stitch area just to help hold the material in place. All stitched up and foam fed into the fold. Test wrap around the dome and..........there’s a gap?!?!?


New project.......Schumacher SST chassis - MSE Mouse Droid...?

Continuing on from this post.........

So a few week’s back, I spent some lunchtimes, cleaning the chassis of this RC.
I started to strip the car down piece by piece to service the broken/damaged parts. Namely the rear differential and the belt(s). One of them being broken. A stone had got trapped between the belt and the gears and chewed up both, breaking the belt itself.
Schumacher SST Sport, Schumacher SST '99 Pro chassis
The chassis was, I thought, a Schumacher SST Sport, did a bit of research to find out that it was in fact a Schumacher SST '99 Pro!
Thankfully the replacement parts I needed & have bought were the same!

Schumacher SST Sport chassis, Schumacher SST '99 Pro

Schumacher SST chassis

Schumacher SST 99 Pro chassis

Schumacher SST 99 Pro chassis

Schumacher SST Sport chassis
I gave everything a watch down with an old toothbrush to get rid of all the dirt & dust.
Schumacher SST 99 pro
 This is the damaged differential and needed to be replaced.
Schumacher SST
 This is the good one, it just needed to be stripped down and cleaned up, old dried grease to be removed & then re-oiled and re-assembled.
Schumacher SST
I found the belts, main gear and new differential online & on eBay.

Schumacher SST 99 Pro chassis
 All (mostly) cleaned up and re-assembled.
Schumacher SST 99 Pro
Here's the new differential fitting back into place.

  • Wheels & tyres
  • power & controller check
  • probably a lot of other things I'll find on the way lol.


Dome Bag - 2.4 Sewing begins

Back from short break and first free time, I made a start on hemming the edges.

I had already ironed the edges over, as trying to hold the fold and stitch, without using pins, was a nightmare last time!
dome bag, r5d4

Next up was to sew them. Borrowed my daughters sewing machine and got to it. Ironing the edges made a huge difference and was SO much easier!
dome bag, r5d4
I'm still a newbie at this and looking back on this,
I should have allowed extra material to add an
extra fold of material to hide the frayed edges when hemming.

Once the thread was loaded up and the stitching was complete, this took about an hour to complete. I thought.....whilst this is all set up, I could look at the fold for creating the draw string. I hadn't ironed this crease, I suppose I could of done, again making life easier, but I hadn't thought that far ahead at the time of ironing lol.

So I placed the cord and folded over and pinned along the edge as I removed the cord. This bit was a bit tricky to do. Due to the location of the cord, I couldn't leave it inside the folded material as the material wouldn't then fit under the sewing machine's foot.
dome bag, r5d4
This took about half an hour to pin and then stitch & then another half hour trying to find something long enough to feed through the length of the hole lol.
dome bag, r5d4
And the finished folded draw string fitted.

  • cut material out for the base foam.
  • sew base material & fit the foam inside it.
  • sew main panel up & fit the side foam inside.
  • sew the two pieces together.....might do this before fitting the foam!
  • sew on patch and fit cord lock.