Bristol Comic Con & Gaming Festival - March 30th 2019 **UPDATE* No3*

.......another update......this time it’s a change of attending droid. Nik will be bringing his second droid,  R2-H16.......I forgot that some club members actually have more than one droid.


Bristol Comic Con & Gaming Festival - March 30th 2019 **UPDATE* No2*

......received confirmation that another droid will be joining us.....

Nik H will be attending with his U9-C4

......SEE UPDATE No3......

Bristol Comic Con & Gaming Festival - March 30th 2019 **UPDATE**

**UPDATE** .....we now have an additional droid attending.........
Sam and his Blue R2 Droid

Attending Bristol Comic Con & Gaming Festival - March 30th 2019

First event of the year!
Myself with R5-D4, Paul with R2-D2 & Mike with R2-XL
will be attending


It's another Bristol (local) first for us attending this event.
For more details, here's the link for March 30th.

have a number of events on this year in the South West area.
Looking forward to hopefully attending a few of these.


You Tube - James' R5-D4 Astromech Droid

Attending events's and chatting to the public about the droids and the club,
usually means that before you know it, it's the end of the day lol.
I'm not great for taking videos, they're not DVD quality lol,
but I have tried.....I must try harder lol.

On my channel are R5's first 'steps',
plus work carried out on developing his 'Bad Motivator' smoke system.

Here's the link to my You Tube Channel, with more event's coming up,
I will try to produce mini videos for these and post them up on here.

Bristol Comic Con & Gaming Festival - March 30th 2019

First event of 2019
link to site
.......more info to follow.


My R5-D4 Astromech Droid - Google+........is ending, so what next???

GOOGLE+.........is ending, so what next???

April 2nd 2019, Google+ will be no more!

So if you follow this page via the updates appearing on the main Google+ page, this will (still not 100% sure) end.

If you'd like to continue to follow this Blog, click the 'Follow' button (that's if it still works) as any updates I post, you should receive an e-mail notification.


Another way is to find my Facebook page

(link to it here). I will then post links up on it plus other info for this Blog.
At the moment I've almost 800 followers.

This Blog will keep on posting, so I hope you get to see R4's, R0's & of course R5's future adventures......


The Sun set's on the filming of Episode IX

The Sun setting over Pinewood Studios.

Thought it was rather apt with the filming

of Episode IX wrapped up, last Friday.

Roll on December.....


Littlebits - Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit - pt 6 (2019)

So yesterday on my lunchtime, I had a look at the 3D drawing of the dome. I had done some upgrades since I had last printed (and it failed), but I wanted to look at splitting the dome into two parts. This would save on 'support' material (needed) to support the top area, which may of led to the print failer on the last attempt.
r5-d4, littlebits, r2d2
R5 dome for the Littlebits R2D2 droid
And here's the lid. It has a lip to locate onto the main body.
r5-d4, littlebits, r2d2

Images also on my Instagram 'james_r5d4' account

I left the antenna on, and again, I'll see how well this prints as it may be easier to print it as a seperate item.

You can see from this next image the differences & improvements made.
Also the motivator hole was in the wrong place, this I've removed from the updated version.
r5-d4, littlebits, r2d2

I've tried to make this as simple as possible as it is just for fun. I'll post up both the two part and the single part dome on my Thingiverse account once I've printed the two part dome.

To get instant notification of when this is uploaded,
as my Thingiverse account is linked lol,
follow me on Twitter @jamesr5d4


Han Solo’s lucky Sabacc dice - part 2 of 2

.....chain and fasteners arrived, Saturday morning.
SOLO lucky dice

Measured a length and trimmed. Fitted the fasterner through the die and chain and secured in place. I went with a darker, weathered brass look for the chin as I wanted a more used look. My daughter was VERY pleased with her set, result achieved.

Next up was to finish weathering my set of Dice. Using black actylic paint & then wiped off the excess. Once it had dried, I then clear coated them, which gives back a gloss finish to the gold (brass paint).

And here's the second finished set I made.

SOLO lucky dice
Photo's posted up on my Instagram 'james_r5d4' account.

Google+ is closing in April 2019, if you follow me via by 'James's R5-D4 Astromech Droid' account, this is my 'Brand' account. I don't know if any of this will be published when Google+ ends, so if you want to keep up with my work, now's the time to SAVE my web address to your favorites or if it still works, the FOLLOW button on my page.


Han Solo’s lucky Sabacc dice - part 1 of 2

My youngster said it would be cool to have a set of dice like the ones in the ‘Solo’ film. I showed her them on eBay but also that they were also to be found on Thingiverse, that we could 3D print.

Bit late to the party, but as a little side project, thought I make us a set each. I found and downloaded the .stl files. There are a few versions available. I chose a set that will require you to drill your own hole. Credit for this design goes to Zapwizard
Solo a star wars story - lucky sabacc dice

I printed off enough for two sets, one for me to lol. Then got searching on eBay for chain availability, similar to the one suggested in a thread on the RPF (again, credit goes to zapwizard). The print quality on my machine (resolution was 0.2) isn't the best but nothing a bit of sanding wouldn't solve. Once happy with the smooth'ish finish, I drilled a small hole through on the corner of each die.

Next was to dig out my box of spray cans lol. First coat was primer/filler spray.
Solo a star wars story - lucky sabacc dice
This stuff helps fill in the gaps left after sanding. Once dried and sanded lightly, I then applyed a coat of matt black.
Solo a star wars story - lucky sabacc dice
After this coat had dried, I sprayed them all with Plastikote brass.....not gold. There are two reason's for this, 1) it was what I had on the shelf lol & 2) this colour, like the issue I had with 'silver', aren't the actual colours that comes out of the can. I was going for a worn/used look so the brass colour is better suited as it's not so shiney & bright.

I wasn't sure which order to do the next part, but decided on weathering the dice first before clear coating them.
Here's one die, weathered and before clear coating.

Photos posted up also on my Instagram 'james_r5d4' account.

So next up is to weather the other three pieces and then clear coat them.

......................part 2 next week once the chain arrives.


R0-D4 - new 3D neck printing 2019 - 1.5

R0-D4 original neck
Been working on finishing off the 3D printed neck for the R0 dome upgrade.

I had super glued the pieces together and some of these had been test fitted and screwed down onto the lower ring. But I still had two more pieces to get printed off. In the meantime, I had to fill in the gaps between the printed pieces, so I used some leftover filament and using my soldering iron, melted it into the gap and smoother over. So eventually, I got round to being abe to print off the last two neck pieces via works printer, lol.

These last two pieces needed some addition trimming to fit.
This is the reverse side, face up. The two ends of the new pieces can be seen with magnets holding the glued sections together. The black marker lines with the X indicate where the upper domes vertical's go, so have to make the tabs trimmed to fit.

Once I've filament welded these last few joins, I can get on with finishing off and then spraying up.


'JamesR5astromech' Etsy shop - STICKERS are back

Morning all, just to say that I
have 10 stickers available via my....
Etsy shop.

These are smaller than the patches, as can be seen in the picture, but are high quality.
R5 sticker & patch, with a £1 coin for size comparrison
My Patches are also avaiable via my page too.
Remember that the patches are limited so once they are gone,
they will be collectors items lol


Ron Howard follows me on Twitter

Had to double check myself today, as not five minutes after liking a tweet by ‘realronhoward’ the famous film producer, credit, the recent ‘Solo A Star Wars Story’, than I had a notification saying that he was now following me on Twitter!!

I clicked on the followers link & sure enough it WAS his account........except for a few minor details lol.  Ah well, am sure if did known who I was, he would follow me lol.

The lack of the blue tick and a few other details lol, give the game away. I follow the REAL Ron so I know his recent posts but this other ron, retweet’s every post Ron does. Well the other Ron Howard now follows me, so that looks cool on my followers list lol.