R5's Slip Ring Upgrade 1.0

I wasn't happy with my original slip rings thin wires! For low level electrical signals they were fine for, but when my Bad Motivator door motor actuator operates.....it doesn't????

Bench testing connected directly to a 12V battery, it all works fine???

I thought it could possibly be the remote part of the circuit, but this is part of the same circuit that's connected to the 12V battery when bench testing, so I can assume this is not a problem.

These are the now 'old' wiring loom etc.
 View up through dome base.

Pin connection, wires to remote (upper right) & R5's eye sensors (left)

A fellow builder on the UK forum, was selling off unwanted parts, so I bagged me the slip ring he was selling. I then bought some XT60 connectors to connect up to the dome wiring.

Next, is out with the old connection and in with the new.

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