Rear Hatch Alarm

With R5's first mobile event getting closer and fiddeling with bits & pieces. It got me thinking about, what if's? One thing I thought of was the rear hatch. It is held on securley via two spring loaded clips, but what if it come loose or someone opens it up if/when I'm not around R5.

So I dug out my soldering iron, a piezo buzzer (the first one I got when developing my Droid Caller) & used one of the new micro switches I'd planned to use for the dome control unit & soldered them all up.

R5D4 rear HatchR5-D4R5-D4

The micro switch is wired in the NC (normally closed) position.
The buzzer is wired in-line. I was going to install a swith to turn off the buzzer when working inside, but re-thought this as a possible 'forgot to turn on' so left it as I just have to remember to place the batter back in, hence, installing it fight in front of me.

Installed the micro switch inside the rear hatch opening, in a place even better than the one I had originally intended.....bacically because where I wasnted it to originally go, it wouldn't of fitted lol. I then routed the cable through some flexible tubing round to the inside front of R5. I then screwed the piezo buzzer onto the frame. And secured the mini 12v battery holder in place.

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