Utility Arm locks

After R5's first outing a few years back, I soon realised that he would need to have some way of locking his Utility arm's in a closed position. I had already fitted push stops to prevent them from being pushed inwards and getting stuck, but with them not being the most securist of items, I needed something to stop them from being pulled open to far.

I wanted something quick to fit, not be to damaging and infringe on the overall look. So after a few ideas I came up with this simple idea.

The stiff wire, hocks into the arms.
R5D4 utility arm

Feeds through the rear mesh.
R5D4 utility arm

And is then bent to lock all in place.
R5D4 utility arm
Yes, I'm not really happy about the holes, but they are not that bad and can be easily filled and painted. I had to drill the holes in the top as you try drilling a hole upwards :D lol.

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