'Bad Motivator' - upgrade to power lift 'Blown' status 1.2

Tuesday 30th Sept.
Almost finished making the frame/support bracket to hold the door look actuator (solenoid) with. The unit will be secured with two screws to the inside of the dome.

Some thought went into this build (the very basic idea of what I wanted) and some bits weren't lol. As this build was mostly guessed on the fly, I kid you not lol. As I need to figure out if I'll be able to screw in one of the mounting screws, as its partially obscured by the actuator (solenoid) lol. I had to move the actuator over as the top angles securing bolt was in the way.

I wanted to make the bracket(s) as light as posible, so I weighed one before I took it into work and machined off excess material.
R5D4 bad motivator
I didn't get the chance to weigh the brackets after machining, but we'll assume they are now lighter lol.

Friday 3rd Oct.
Well here's some pics of what the whole thing looks like installed. Oh yeah, re: how I was going to fix the actuator's bracket in place....I marked and screwed it down first, then screwed the two securing screws for the actuator into place. These were not so difficult to reach, phew... :)
R5D4 Bad Motivator

R5D4 Bad Motivator

R5D4 Bad Motivator

I've jet to wire up to power, but test moving by hand, I think it will work OK.....

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