Dome electrics......LED upgrade work

I wanted to run all the Dome LED's off the one 9.6v recharge battery to make life so much easier.

I dug out my LED's etc and I found my battery state indicator that I made at collage, 25 years ago. I've fitted it to every car I had, except the Zafira. Thought it might come in handy in R5 :-).
.....Now NOT to be fitted......

I was looking into how to drop the voltage from my 9.6v battery to be able to also run the other dome lights off it. The Eye lights [blue LED's] came out of novalty glasses, I think they run at about 3 volts, adding up the three mini button cell batteries. I had some great advice from fellow builders over on the UK R2 Builders Forum, but decided that I would just buy some suitable Blue LED's, as I know I would of blown them, and then would of needed to buy more lol.

5 x Blue LED Lamp Light Set 25cm Pre Wired 5mm 12V DC
I only need three for R5's Main 'Eyes', though am sure I'll find a use for the others....as long as I don't burn them out!! hahahaha.

Whilst I was looking around I also found this Digital Panel Volt Meter. I've seen tthis type of meter used recently on Prop made Pulse Rifle, similar to the amunition counter ('Aliens').

Anything to give me an idea of how much charge I have must be a good thing right??
DC 3-30V 0.36" 2 Wire LED Digital Panel Volt Meter Voltage Voltmeter Car Motor

Came home to find my Blue LED's and digital volt meter had arrived.
Blue LED's & Digital Volt Metre
So last night I set myself up ready for work. I stripped out R5's original blue light set up. They did a very good job for their one and only event lol, but wanted to utilise the 9.6v power unit.


Using a terminal block and spare cable from work, I then daisy chained (right terminolgy?) positive and negative's to the LED's and the digital volt meter, and placed the switch inline to cut all power.
R5-D4 electricsR5-D4 electrics

R5-D4 electricsR5-D4 electricsR5-D4 electrics

Also R5's red led was connected, not sure what to do bout the motivator LED, it can be disconnected when pie panel is needed and in place.......this is next to do & also to fix LED's and terminal block in place.
So two hours later I was very happy, and the fact the wife let me work on the dining room table ;)

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