Outer Feet - Aluminium channel strip upgrades

The channel strip pieces were made of wood. These were ok, but not strong enough to support the foot internals when separated from shell.

So I cut down a U section piece of aluminium to width and then cut to length, filed the angles and cleaned up the edges. Counter-sunk location holes were next.

So i went from these on the right of pic, to theses full length ones.
R5D4 feet
Of course, nothing (with my build work) is ever straight forward lol. The reason the original strips were in two pieces was because the lowest edge of the legs was to close to the bottom of the channel. Soooooo in order for the leg location bolt to fit through the leg & internal foot threaded hole, I needed to cut a little excess material off.
R5D4 Leg
Filed the flat edge round, and will later primer and spray white. Much happier now as it all fits :-)

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