Outer Feet 2.0

Front & back 'aluminium' strips: The last lot I made for my centre foot were made out of some aluminium I found in work. They just needed cutting to size. So as it had all run out, I decided to make this set out of wood. These will then of course be sprayed up silver.

Once cut I PVA sealed before glueing them in place. Drilled guide holes for Knurled fittings.
[see second photo below].

Applied more resin to curve. Then wood filler all over. And areas of shell. Sanded once dried. Then primer coated. More wood filler to crescent and sanding all over. Then more primer.

Started to cut out the foot base slots, using my Dremel.

Cut up some small pieces of 3mm hardboard to attempt to make some fixing brackets for the battery box to fit onto. I say brackets, but they will be more like catches for the battery box to slide over.

Cut out a larger hole in foot side to give better access to bolt location. Cut out and screwed to the foot shell, two catches for box to slide over. They hold well.
Had found some thin rubber mat the other day, so i cut it to size and fixed it to the bottom of the temp feet. This should stop any scratching of floors! :-)

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