Outer Feet 1.9 - side panel work

Cut out a piece of hardboard for the side panel, the crescent & the top strip. Then a block to angle the crescent on the panel. I drilled & screwed the crescent to panel with the block in place. But later, removed this screw.

Drilled 1st of two sets of securing screws that will be covered up by the top strip. the two lower side pieces will cover the other two screws. PVA all cut edges.

I found out last night that the top two screw positions & the lower front one [that would be behind the small panel] interfere with the inside foot support frame. Tried to glue the main panel to the shell, but wouldn't stick?? So I've re-positioned the lower two (similar to centre foot) to be in the far bottom corners & for the top two, they will screw through the top strip.
I was able to glue on the two details either side of the crescent.

I then started on applying body resin to create and build up the crescent curve.

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