Coin Slots - Machined Pt2

Got in work at 7am today. As wanted to crack on with milling the rest of the angles and the coin slots.
Managed to break one slot milling cutter :-D lol and I was only taking a small cut as well.

Machined Coin Slots
Just need to drill and tap/drill and pin them onto the support plate.

I'm thinking about leaving the rads in the slots ??
I don't have a problem filing them out square, but thought it might me a nice touch, saying as the R5's were supposed to be a 'cheep' model.

Comments welcome please.


More Body work - Frame

Has been a productive Easter Weekend.
Friday, I cut a strip of aluminium plate, to mount the coin slots onto.

Also cut lower support section for it. Just needs outside curve trimmed.

Then cut out, drilled & fitted lower flat side supports.

Popped into B&Q Hardware Store, to see about material available to skin R5 with. Aluminium sheet, 3mm hardboard, flexible MDF ??? I like the idea of aluminium skin over the hardboard, strength with a 'real' aluminium skin. But they want around £40 for the aluminium plate & would need two plates to do front & back! So think I'll be going with the hardboard....... for now lol.

Saturday I only had 5mins to spare, so I trimmed & curved the lower coin support sections edge.

Then on Monday I was able to cut two rear upright frame supports & screwed them top & bottom. These will help with the wrapping around of the hardboard skin I'm hopeing to fit. Am also thinking there will be a rear access hatch.

Resisting the urge to stray onto other parts, I thought I should use up the material I have, so started on R5's skirt. Cut out lower 'ring' section, below..


Coin Slots - Machined Pt1

Managed to start machining up the coin slots at lunchtime. Cleaned up all the rough faces and put on the first side angles.
Machined, part 1.

Coin Slots

Cut the rest of the 'coin slot' blanks out, just need to machine them up.

Cut two lower side supports for the side flat parts of the body.


Coin Slots

On my lunchtime today I started working on a coin slot.
These I'll attempt to make individually and attach them to a back plate.

Lower Vent Support bracket - Frame

Friday I cut two smaller up-rights & radius piece for lower vent support & location.


Taking shape - Frame Build

Cut two front uprights for the arm enclousers, drilled and screwed them in place.

Had already cut two arced sections out of MDF, also for the arm enclousers. Had to correct the dimension for their position, due to the dimensions given for the two upright pieces, takes into account that they should be recessed into the base and top! Drilled and screwed them in place.

Still need to cut out and fit the upper most curved part of the arm enclosure.

Next I needed to fit two additional spacer plates, 8mm, to the shoulder disc's, one either side.
When I was working out the distance needed to clear the body dia, I mis-placed a dimension, meaning the two side pannels were not far enough apart. Ther one thing following planes, but following two different sets of planes, that's when it get's confussing :-D lol.

And here they are in place.

I drilled through the spacers to allow the bolts and power cables access. The extra holes are to help reduce weight. In principle that is lol.

And heres the body so far.


Corsham Sci-Fi Family Fun Day

Saturday, the family went to Corsham Sci-Fi Family Fun Day. The sun was shining and hot and the place was packed! Loads to see and do, the kids had a great time, even the eldest who got to have her pic taken with Danny John-Jules. She knows him from Mi-High, the early series, on the BBC. Red Dwarf  & Blade 2, were unknown to her lol. Jacob had his pic taken with Boba Fett, who was kind enough to comment on his costume, saying that it looked good! Praise in deed! :-)

The Daleks were great and so was K9. Aliens, Predators, Marines, Dr's, Chewy, SG's, Troopers & Clones plus loads or other characters. It was a great day.

Jacob is already planning on what he wants to wear next year...... watch out Dr Who, he's coming for you!! lol

Assembly part 2B

Last Friday, after work, I drilled the second bracket. Securing the lower plate to the two side panels. Recess added to top ring for shoulder ring. Screwed top ring to lower plate.
Top Ring
Its looking more like a body. Starting to take shape.
Need to make x2 shoulder disc spacers out of 8mm plywood. Then need to start looking at makeing the front framework for 'arms' location!


Assembly part 2

Yesterday in work I cut out 3 disc's to be used for the shoulder discs (for 1 side), I then bolted them together and turned the dia to size. Also because the jigsaw & me made a right mess of cutting lol.

I also cut out the top ring plate.

Then at home, I centred and drilled the discs to the side panel. And drilled through the bolt clearance holes.

I then started to fit the angle suports, for the top plate & ring to fix onto.

I had to make the t-nuts counter sunk into the side panel to clear the shoulder discs. Plus clearance holes in bak face of the shoulder disc to clear any extra length of thread [can be seen in first pic].
Will be able to do some more this evening. Work in the sunshine, makes a change :-D

Won't be able to do much Saturday as am taking the kids and wife to Corsham, for the Sci-Fi Family Fun Day. Hopefully back to it on Sunday.


Base Plate

Saturday I cut out slots for the Power coupler and Octagon Ports. This is because the depth was the same as the base and wasn't possible to recess them, will worry about this later. Did manage to recess where the coin returns  & lower vents will fit. Cut to size the lower plate that will support the lazy suzan and rotary piece for the dome.

I had drilled out 6 holes for the leg bolts, but with the lower plate in place, I'll only be able to use 5 off. Not the end of the world.

Also had time to mark out the top plate O/D and I/D.


Assembly part 1

My first major outlay last night! As I could 'find' any bolts for my build, I had to go buy some. Bolts & T-nuts £15!! So got home and started marking,drilling, hammering and bolting.
Side panel with angle support.
Next came the counter sinking of the T-nuts in the base.

Then drilling to size and fitting the T-nuts.

Then fitting the side panel to the base.

Not the best pics, but you get the idea.

Today I've drilled the angle bracket and also drilled and fitted the T-nuts to the other side panel. Just need to get home to fit it to the base.