Taking shape - Frame Build

Cut two front uprights for the arm enclousers, drilled and screwed them in place.

Had already cut two arced sections out of MDF, also for the arm enclousers. Had to correct the dimension for their position, due to the dimensions given for the two upright pieces, takes into account that they should be recessed into the base and top! Drilled and screwed them in place.

Still need to cut out and fit the upper most curved part of the arm enclosure.

Next I needed to fit two additional spacer plates, 8mm, to the shoulder disc's, one either side.
When I was working out the distance needed to clear the body dia, I mis-placed a dimension, meaning the two side pannels were not far enough apart. Ther one thing following planes, but following two different sets of planes, that's when it get's confussing :-D lol.

And here they are in place.

I drilled through the spacers to allow the bolts and power cables access. The extra holes are to help reduce weight. In principle that is lol.

And heres the body so far.

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