More Body work - Frame

Has been a productive Easter Weekend.
Friday, I cut a strip of aluminium plate, to mount the coin slots onto.

Also cut lower support section for it. Just needs outside curve trimmed.

Then cut out, drilled & fitted lower flat side supports.

Popped into B&Q Hardware Store, to see about material available to skin R5 with. Aluminium sheet, 3mm hardboard, flexible MDF ??? I like the idea of aluminium skin over the hardboard, strength with a 'real' aluminium skin. But they want around £40 for the aluminium plate & would need two plates to do front & back! So think I'll be going with the hardboard....... for now lol.

Saturday I only had 5mins to spare, so I trimmed & curved the lower coin support sections edge.

Then on Monday I was able to cut two rear upright frame supports & screwed them top & bottom. These will help with the wrapping around of the hardboard skin I'm hopeing to fit. Am also thinking there will be a rear access hatch.

Resisting the urge to stray onto other parts, I thought I should use up the material I have, so started on R5's skirt. Cut out lower 'ring' section, below..

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