The 'Rogue Ones' limited edition print - framed

On my way home the other night, I stopped off at The Range (a UK) store near me and picked up a frame, that a fellow club member had also bought.

Really impressed with this and now it hangs on my wall at home.


The 'Rogue Ones' limited edition print

This amazing limited edition,
Lucasfilm authorised,
print was created by Paul 'Wiz' Johnson.

Each one signed and numbered.
Paul is a bit of a rendering genius, combined images of the droids that he had previously created into this reproduction of the Stormtrooper's wading in the shoreline from the Rogue One trailer images.

Here's a link to Paul's portfolio work over on Artstation

These are only available to members of the R2 Builders club.
They are limited to just 250 prints!

A donation from each print sold goes towards Meningitis Now,
in memory of Joanna,
daughter of a club member how sadly and suddenly succumbed to the infection.


Mist system for R5-D4 - 1.0

I've always wanted R5 to have a 'mist' extinguisher system, like R2. I'd thought about this years ago on first seeing on on Mark Enright's 'Zoe' R2 astromech.

But there's always something that's distracted me lol. There are lots of different ways people have come up with in order to 'pull a trigger', 'press the nozzle', some technical, others simple. So as I was on Thingiverse, i had a look which has revived my idea for this project.

I found this servo mounted trigger, designed by 'sliptonic'. So I 3D printed it, on my works printer, and then assembled it.

extinguisher triggerextinguisher trigger
Instead of screws I push fitted spirol pins in to hold the trigger arm in place, one on each side. I could of used one long pin, but I couldn't find one at the time.

Next up was fitting the trigger arm in place.
extinguisher triggerextinguisher trigger
I did need to do some trimming so the servo found fit when fitted in the mount, as my servo housing was causing some interference when being bolted down.

Just now waiting on suitable securing bolts and to get hold of a test spray can.

R4-D4 Holoprojector motorised - upgrade 1.3 - new LED's

The new LED's arrived before I went on holiday, so hopefully I'll get time to test them out.
And design up & print off a new holder.

Trading Cards 2018 - UPDATE #2

Picked up another R5 trading card just before I went on holiday.

It's a Chrome Archives version of the 'Luke checks Droids' card.
Chrome Archive trading card R5D4

Chrome Archive; trading card; R5D4
Story summary #3 of 11

Here's a picture of the three versions of trading cards I have so far for this one image.
Chrome Archive; trading card; R5D4; Yamakatsu
The middle card is aged, (picture below of Chewbacca) which I like as it's the thought that somebody kept it relatively in good condition. Here's a picture of the rear of these cards.
Chrome Archive; trading card; R5D4; Yamakatsu

There's still a few out there that I'd like to get, but cost is the main reason for not being able to collect these.

The bottom card is the Yamakatsu version. Theses are way out of my price range for the more rare ones, so photo's for ref purposes will have to do for now of them.