Solo - A Star Wars Story - cinema night **SPOILER FREE**

Arrived at our local main cinema, with one very excited daughter & one teenager (excited but playing it cool) 😄. Collected our tickets & picked up a Chewie drinks top cup and a popcorn tin (to add to the Rogue One, one).

We managed to grab a pic with the digital poster.

Sorry ,we were just a little bit excited 😆

Bumped into a another local builder,
but he said he wasn't able to get tickets
to see the film till next Tuesday!!
So I was very surprised that our screening
wasn't even half full for an 8pm showing??

Anyway, we all thought the film was great, 
ots of laughs & plenty of action.
I'll say no more!

Looking forward to watching again on Saturday's Milton Keynes event.


Solo - A Star Wars Story - cinema night!!

Well I wasn't going to do the midnight viewing of the film.....lol......as my kids want to watch and where's the fun in not sharing the experience with them 😊

......that and I'd be shattered in the morning and NOT get up for work 😄

So tonight's the night!

Next thing tho is what top to wear 😄....

Falcon over Bristol....by Uchiclothing....
for web link click here 👉 uchiclothing




R2-D2 Club Pin Badges 2018

Forgot I'd ordered these...along with a second club patch lol.

These (and the patches) were made in limited numbers for the UK R2D2 Builders Club weekend event, later this year.
UK R2D2 Builder Club pin badges
UK R2D2 Builder Club pin badges

I bought two, in case one got lost.


My R5-D4 Patches.....sowing progress

After sowing on my R5 patch onto my fleece the other week, I thought it be good to do the same to my two current club polo tops. With the hot weather here in the UK, Saturday & Sunday's two events could be a bit warm, being inside buildings, to be wearing my fleece lol. So I got on with sowing them on.

The second one, I decided to remove my orange Pinewood one, that sat over my name on my chest, this is so to match up the tops & fleece.
 Off with the orange patch....

 And on with the new one....

Next is to sow the orange one onto the fleece sleeve.
If I get time, hopefully before the weekend.

Solo - A Star Wars Story.....tickets booked!

Yes, I know.....talk about leaving it till the last minute 😁....

But, tickets are now booked!
Really looking forward to watching, also, I have friends who's names I'll be looking out for in the credits 😊

I don't do film reviews so you won't get any spoilers here lol.


Solo - A Star Wars Story & MCM London

Only a few more days till the film's release here in the UK.
I just need to book tickets......Yes, I know, talk about leaving it till the last minute......

So that's (hopefully) Thursday sorted.

Then Saturday is part one of a long weekend for me & R5. As we'll be joining Joker Squad again at the Milton Keynes cinema for the day.

this is from when we attended the Rogue One event
So I'll post up about this on James R5D4 Instagram on the day.

Then Sunday, for me, it's another early start to drive up to London, to join the others who, for some, have have been there since Friday!

So look out for the UK R2D2 Builders Club if your there & follow on the club on Instagram


Transport upgrade - Wheel base

After loading up R5 & sledge into the back of the car, I noted that if the piece of wood that the wheels are attached to was removed, then it would actually still fit in, without having to remove it every time I loaded the sledge.
Close, but that's because of the extra
thickness of the wheel platform.
See picture below.

The problem was that the t-nuts for the securing bolts, wouldn't be able to be fitted in the original panel due to the strengthening wood pieces.

So the only thing I could do was to cut off the lower section and screw the wheel base panel onto it.
I fitted these back on as the swivel ones would of been good once loaded into the back of car but probably not so good once out and pushing the sledge & R5's weight!


My R5-D4 designed patches arrived.....

Yesterday afternoon, was a race for time!

The delivery drop-off time was close to when the wife would of not been home, as would of been on school run! I did leave a 'leave in a safe place' note, but still.....

Thankfully, they were delivered in time and here they are.
R5-D4 Patch
Free Lolly
These are great, better than I imagined!
R5-D4 Patch
The patch in all it's colour
R5-D4 Patch
Rear of patch

R5-D4 Patch
And here's a size comparison with a
UK £1 coin and my sticker at the bottom.

If you'd like a patch or sticker,
you can message me via

Thandie Newton Star Wars dress on Twitter

So last night/this morning I was scrolling through my Twitter notifications, when I saw someone mention that Thandie Newton's dress was of Star Wars characters! Designed by Vivienne Westwood.
Thandie Newton's Star Wars dress
I made a simple replay to Asad Ayaz's tweet,
'Zoomed in on images on her dress 😎👍'.

Forgetting that I was replying to not just Asad Ayaz,
but also Ms Newton.......
which became clear to me
when she 'liked' my reply....WOOOOW!!
Thandie Newton, twitter

Am sooooo looking forward to the film coming out next week!


Blog Title Change......

When I first started writing this blog,
I didn't really know what Title to use,
so called it what it is, 'My R5-D4 Astromech Droid', lol.

Now that I also have a FaceBook page, Twitter & an Instagram account, I thought I should rename this one to better match up with the others.

So am thinking of changing the name to:

James' R5-D4

This, I hope will make finding this age easier as it matches more with the other accounts.

.....just hope this doesn't mess anything up lol.

Patches are on their way.....

Had an email confirming that my R5 patches have been dispatched and should be landing in the next few days!!

Then received another text & email this morning confirming that my patches will land today!!


R0-D4 has his own (one off) Toy

Last week over on one the many FaceBook groups, I spotted a comment regarding droids, mentioning Lee Towersey R2-L0 droid & R0-D4 droid belonging to a 'James'.

How cool is that!!! 😎

New e-Cig bracket

The problem I found with the e-Cig bracket is that the single screw didn't hold it in place. Also the position of the screw was actually obscured by the contacts. Plus,there wasn't enough clearance to unscrew it with its collar in place.

So I drew/modified the design to have two screw fixing positions, easier access to fix them. I lowered them as well. I then increased the land that the 'flat top 510' adapter fits into, to allow the e-Cig & it's collar (once pipe is disconnected) to freely unscrew for easier refilling.

I added an angle to the flat, so that it would allow clearance to the e-Cig/Motivator slide unit.
James' R5D4 e-Cig smoke unit

James' R5D4 e-Cig smoke unit

I love all this testing and refining of parts.


** R5-D4 stickers are selling well **

Have sold quite a few now,
tho I still have plenty,
so if you're interested,
click this link
( instagram & DM me 😎 )

(postage outside of the UK depends on weight & zones)


LegoLand Windsor - Event Report 2018

Well, what a weekend!!! 😃.

It was hot, Sunday's temperature topping out at around 28 degrees C., two long days, up around 7 till finishing up around 5-6pm. But bringing Star Wars to life, to see people enjoying themselves is a great feeling.

Paul was going to follow me up to Windsor in his van with R2. After some last minute repairs to one of his holo projectors, we left about 7 and arrived just after 9:30pm. We were escorted onto the park to of load the droids, along with Ian's R2, at the Imagination Centre, which would be our base camp lol.

Early Saturday morning.
Jamie (spotter), Oliver (chatting), Ian (R2)
George (our resident photographer).

Once the droids were ready, it was out into the morning sunshine.
r2d2, r5d4, r5x2 droids
Ian, myself & Oliver's droids
The Imagination Centre is just down inside the park, so people pass to head towards the miniature Lego villages. There is also a ride with ques, so we drove the droids up to this more flatter, smoother area to entertain the crowds lol.

This was where we ran into some Rebel Pilots, tho nobody wanted R5 as there X-wing Astromech??? :D
R5-D4 & Rebel Pilots
Rebel Pilots
The morning weather was warming up fast and I was glad I'd worn my shorts & remembered sun cream! With lots of photo's being taken and the ques being entertained, we decided that we needed to break for lunch. So we stored the droids and joined the other costume group members for a chat, food & a cool down.

After lunch, we all drove the droids up to the main entrance for the afternoon. The costume groups, Joker Squad, Sentinel Squad, The Rogue Ones, Rebel Legion & Mandolorian Mercs, also attended, for mass group photos for the visitors.

Then the Droids headed out to the front of the park for some group photos. These are just some of the ones I took, George, will be sending in his better composed versions to the group soon.

UK R2D2 Builders Club - Legoland 2018
Saturdays droids lineup

UK R2D2 Builders Club - Legoland 2018
 Saturdays droids lineup

UK R2D2 Builders Club - Legoland 2018
There are droids and then there are R5's lol
After these photos, we drove the droids back inside and they had their pics taken a few more times....
R2D2 with Leia, Luke & Han
 Ian's R2D2 with Leia, Luke & Han

before we headed back to our respective base camps to store them for the night.

Once safely stored it was time for us to get back, changed and head out for a gathering of builders. Lee did a live video draw for the UK R2 Builders Club competition. This can be seen on the FaceBook page (members). But here's the picture of us all.
Ian was the lucky winner.

Sunday was another hot day...hotter than Saturday!
R5 was in his same spot, joined by Darren & again by Mark. Ian transferred to the lower section of the park to join the others as some droids had to go home.

The morning was a repeat of Saturday, re entertaining the crowds and que's. Kids & adults had photos and selfies with the droids lol.

Then after lunch we headed back up to the main entrance area to link up with the costume groups for even more photos with people.

These are the Sunday images, off my Instagram account.

R5 & co finished up about 5pm'ish, the crowds of visitors, still flowing out of the park! Once back to base camp, we packed up and made our way back to our respective homes.

Another great event to help raise funds for the
Alexander Devine Children's Hospice service.

Lee (club) had also sorted out a commemorative event patch for those attending.
This will at some point be stitched onto my fleece.
We also received a commemorative Lego brick, engraved with 'Star Wars' & '2018'
This I cna add to last years red one.


BIG thanks to all those people behind the scenes who helped put this event together. So often they get over looked...!
Also to our spotters, these guys help keep an eye on the droids when we try to stay not so obvious, more for not spoiling things for the younger fans.
Thanks guys :)


May the 4th Be With You!

Have a great weekend! 😊

R5-D4's stickers are HERE!

Received a confirmation e-mail on Friday
that my.....R5's.....stickers have been dispatched
and should be with me soon.

And here they are...........
My R5-D4 sticker next to a GBP coin for size comparison.

Checkout my FaceBook page for purchase details.


R5's patches....are being processed!

Email this morning from suppliers......
Order in Process......
These will soon be here.....
delivery date 19th - 26th May 2018


My Thingiverse page - for 3D design work

Here's where you'll find my 3D printed stuff on

Am gradually uploading it so if you follow me you'll get to see all the stuff (most of it lol) that I've posted up on here.