R4-D4 - 3D printing internals 1.3 'Tangle Free wires'

More 3D printing.

I came up with this idea for tangle free wires. The concept is not a new thing, as I've found while searching more online. But this way hasn't been done before (as far as I can see online) so it's a simpler way of powering/rotating without tangling wires.

The idea is to use a normal bearing, sleeved, and push fitted into the rear of the holo eye.
(the 3D holo eye version off astromech.net forum)
The LED wire passing through the LED holder (also 3D printed) and passing through the centre of the bearing. The Holo Eye body is free to rotate on the outside edge of the bearing with the LED wires, staying fixed though the middle of it.

After several ideas and re-design's, I've finally (for now lol) settled on this version and gone with the large 10mm LED. Next is to re-wire the LED with heat shrink sleeves.

And this is it push fitted into the holo body.

Next up is to sort out connection of the servo to the LED holders shaft.

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