3D Printed tags - 1.1

These didn't take to long to print off and they came out cleaner than what I was expecting. Well it is my first time 'printing' text.

The rounded corners needed to be filed and made larger, as I had only roughly measured the recesses, but this wasn't to big a thing to sort.

Next up was painting. I dug out my metallic red spray paint & paint brush. And sprayed some into the can lid. I then hand painted onto the tags.
The blue wasn't the same metallic I'd used as the can was empty. So had to use a Humbro mini tin I had from years ago when painting my Stormtrooper's Ab buttons. It doesn't look to bad and was only to highlight the raised club name.

Next up was fitting.

Used thick glue (doesn't look so thick in the pic lol) But one corner had lifted up when it was being printed, so the back wasn't perfectly flat.
I then got the drill out, see....no pre planning lol....and drilled to corner holes and fitted to cut down mini screws I had in my odds box.
I prefer the two opposing screws rather than the over kill of four.....but we'll see how it holds. The glue had actually started to cure and was already holding the tag in place, so I think this should work, plus being recessed it shouldn't get knocked etc.


3D Printed tags - 1.0

The other week I bought a fold-able cart to lug R5's batteries, Transmitter, tools etc.

It only cost £13 (GBP) and will definitely help reduce trips from the car lol.
I wanted to 'tag' it up so people knew who it belongs to at events etc,
so measured up the recesses and drew up some tags.

These are printed white, and the lettering will be painted accordingly.
(being printed as I'm typing)

Force Friday 2 is coming......September 1st 2017

This Thursday @ midnight for Friday 1st September


R0-D4 dome upgrade 2017 - 1.5 - 3D printed Dome Rods **UPGRADE**

Since Celebration Europe 2016, I've been meaning to get back to
sorting out my R0-D4's dome rods.

I snapped a pic of Lee's R0 dome he brought along.
And instantly realised how wrong my dome rods were lol.

These are definitely a LOT better than the ones I drew up and had printed lol.

So I measured up my dome slots and got to drawing up on
Auto CAD Inventor (in work) and scaled up a version to fit.
I gauged by eye, so mine will only 'look' the same,
but not actually be 'correct'.

First attempt.

Next up is 3D printing a set up, WIP.....

Sledge mini update - **Left Coast Graphics**

I didn't have time before holiday to finish off painting the sledge cut outs &
since being home, I then had an urgent work commitment.

I then consoled myself by seeing Left Coast Graphics (instagram page)
retro stickers and ordered some for the sledge.
Just a little something to identify my sledge lol

Funko Pop R5-D4 - Smugglers Bounty **WIN**

R5's for sale via UK sellers are starting to increase in numbers available.

After being highest bidder for almost a week without any other bids, Saturday evening it was all hands to battle stations as the bidding war started.

I prepared myself, but held firm and with seconds to go, retained highest bid and won!

This attempt worked out cheaper than the last one I was bidding on too.
There were two other R5's that finished Sunday & another soon after, if this bid had failed.

Delivery should be the end of the week.

Another great saving the weekend was buying two Funko Pop figures for the wrongly marked price of 95p........YES £0.95p (GBP) lol, the assistant said ok to these two but said she'd have to remove the rest from the shelves lol, until system was corrected.

Posted up on my R5-D4 Instagram feed.