Lightening R5's dome

Started this the beginning of the month:

With the new lazy susan planned, I started also looking at the frame work inside R5's dome.

With hindsight, this would/could of been made a bit lighter, but it was all new to me and since building the R0-D4 dome, I've learned a lot. There maybe some weight loss possible, removing edges etc, but the main weight is the actual top of his head. 18mm thick plus a WHOLE lot of car body filler for the cone angle top where the pie panels are.

Well, the 'Bad Motivator' electrics board could be made lighter, so started with that.
Here's a before and after, after doesn't have the aluminium bracket in the pic as probably won't be using it.
weight reduction
I used a thinner piece of wood board. The extra material was later removed as wasn't needed. Which reduced weight a little bit more.

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