Rogue One - UK tickets - got mine!

So Rogue One tickets went on sale here in the UK on Monday 21st.

I was up working Sunday night till 1am Monday morning, but I was to tired, so I decided to leave it till the morning when in work lol.

Why buy them soooooo early??

Well last year I left buying them for a few weeks as, 'there will be plenty of tickets left.....' Sorted out with my brother & best friend, about going......and then for the opening day (evening) the local cinema time slot was fully booked!! There was no way that I wanted my kids to miss out, so searched cinemas a bit further away and eventually managed to get tickets!

This worked out great in the end as loads of my kids friends had also (unbeknown to me) bought tickets for the same time slot :) win, win!

I'm also away on the Friday 16th for an event with fellow UK R2 Builders Club members, so I HAD to see the film on the Thursday night with them :)

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