Jessika 'Testor' Pava - helmet - 1.9

Two steps forward, one step back :(
Thought I was getting somewhere, but had a few set backs on the build.

Found another weak point on the helmet. So had to chip off the filler and remove the paper. Then found there wasn't any fibreglass behind! One thing with using yellow paper is that it's not easy to see the difference.
x-wing helmet

So this needs fibre-glassing and then re-filling.

Next was the blast shield
Well, what a mess! The sides didn't take the right shape of the helmet, the main curve section moved when the fibreglass was setting and the recessed channel section didn't fit the helmet. This became more noticeable when test fitting.

Didn't take any photos as was to disappointed

So I cut off the side flats. Trimmed down the upper curved section as was too large and the recess channel more noticeable as a mis-alignment with the helmets. When lining this up the shield is lopsided. Am going to try to recover this...... But not happy with the wasted time, money & materials :(

But was STILL not happy.....hence no pictures.

Decided to carry on with working on the raised ear area crescent, as can just be seen in the above picture. Below, I made up some cardboard walls. I covered the cardboard with masking tape as this stops the filler sticking to it and leaves a smooth finish.

 Hole filled in as well on rear of helmet

Taking shape. Some sanding, shaping and then more filler in the gaps.

I also filled in some other areas.
 This rear area needed to be raised up to by symmetrical

More disappointing updates to come.....

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