Jessika 'Testor' Pava - helmet - 1.8 - Blast shield

The printed off template I had used for the blast shield, I wasn't 100% happy with. The shape didn't seem to match that of the helmet dome. I know this version was designed for use with matt, not cardboard tho. The sides are larger than they should be, just to add strength to the paper for when applying the fibre-glass matting.

I cut down the 'step' as looking at reference pics, it was to 'high'. Basically I just cut the distance in half.
x-wing helmet TFA

I plan to fibre-glass the ends first to then be able to fix the blast shield in place on the helmet. This will, I hope, help with being able to then apply fibre-glass matting to the blast shield to get the correct shape.
x-wing helmet

Got both ends glassed up and also the leading edge to help keep the shape.

Helmet & blast shield test fitting
x-wing helmet
Which gave the shield enough strength to be placed on the helmet to test it.

As you can see the helmet has received some marking up. This is to guide me later with filler, shape & also to dremel to create ridges etc.
x-wing helmet TFA

x-wing helmet TFA

More work hopefully over the weekend.....

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