Jessika 'Testor' Pava - Flight suit & Chest Box 1.6

Started on painting up the chest control box.

Used some sample cardboard and applied paint to see how best to apply. Used a brush which didn't do so good. So my daughter suggested the sponges :). Applied a few layers to build up the coverage of white, allowing it to dry between coats, without it soaking in to much and warping the card. I didn't use any special paints, just kids stuff.

Once dry, I mixed up some white & black to get a dark grey. This I then painted into the grooves.
I then dry brushed over the edges etc to get the worn look. Next up was mixing some white & blue to get a light blue for the two buttons.

I've almost finished the painting now. Mixed up some white and black to paint the grey switch's.
X-wing TFA chest box
X-wing TFA chest box, 95% painted

X-wing TFA chest box
just one more button to be painted
Just need to paint the central button silver.

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