Jessika 'Testor' Pava - Flight suit & Chest Box 1.2

Had two mins, in between kids TV programs, over the weekend, to get daughter to stand up and try on her flight suit. This was so I could measure & cut to length the belt and straps.
X-wing pilot - TFA

Thinking again tho that he buckles are a bit heavy, so may need to look at alternate ones, smaller, lighter or to make some myself.

I have been looking at how to attach the hose to the chest control box, securely. Searching through my 'plastics' box, I found an end cap off a photo copier toner cartridge from work. The course thread it uses to fit into the machine, is just the right size to thread onto the hose. How lucky is that!!
X-Wing cosplayX-Wing cosplay
pictures of toner cartridge cap

x-wing cosplay
picture of toner cartridge cap fitted onto hose

Here's the hole I made in the bottom of the box. This it to locate the cap.

Next I started to glue the flat pieces of cardboard that I had cut out to accept & hold the trimmed down cap. The cap & block are then glued into place, all with PVA glue.
Outside view, before last piece of cardboard was glued into place.

View, inside of box. To help stop possible twisting of the cap, I trimmed some of it off and glued some layered up cardboard across the half cut down cap.

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