Jess Testor Pava - helmet - 1.6

So last few days, I've mostly been applying fibre-glass to the inside and edges of the helmet & then body filler all over, sanding and smoothing it all out, and repeat the next day lol.
X-Wing helmetX-Wing helmet
More filler, upper two pics
 More sanding & then more filler, bottom two pics.
X-Wing helmetX-Wing helmet

Am still working on the cheek areas.
X-Wing helmet

Next, as you may of noticed in the cheek pic above, was to trim down the edges.
x-wing helmet
I marked the edges that needed to be trimmed down. And then using my circular cutting blade on my dremel, trimmed off the excess.
x-wing helmet

x-wing helmet
I needed to open up the bottom so my daughter can get her head in.

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