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** Celebration Europe 3 - 2016 - The Event Report PT2 **

Next, myself Matt & Ian, crossed over into the second hall area. This was where the 501st, Rebel Legion were as well as more shops, Lego display and of course the Rogue One costume display was.

Rey & BB-8, picture for my daughter :)
Lego Star Wars
R2-D2 - battery powered! Not one of ours tho lol
Mandalorian Mercs area

First Order Stormtroopers, impressive......most impressive!
Whilst checking out the stalls setting up, I noticed a familiar face. I waited as he did have people he knew were talking to him, then asked if I could have my picture taken.
Steve Sansweet
Me with Steve Sansweet

There was the usual 501st landspeeder, but also a Wampa cave photo opp, control room set up as well as the Tantive corridor wall. And also this Jedi Interceptor by the French Garrison.
Jedi Interceptor - French Garrison

With so much going on & what we needed to prepare for, so we headed back to the Builders stand. Here's some more of the Astromech's on display...

Over the course of the weekend, builders who arrived slotted their droids in between the others. So some of the pics may look the same, but have droid variations lol.

This was the side next to the Family Area. Here we have R0 droids (Lee Towersey TFA version, 2nd from left) Two R4's (blue is Ian Havenhand's), R2 units, Oliver Steeples red R5, Alan's scaled R2 & then the BB-8 builders table.
R2 display, next to the Family Area
BB8 builders setting up.

The cut away version is James' X-Robots

More updates in Part 3....


** Celebration Europe 3 - 2016 - The Event Report PT1 **

A day by day event report of my time at CE3, starting from Wednesday night (13th July)
This will be in a few parts....

Wednesday 13th:
Was basically loading everything into the Zafira. The wheels on the platform made life a lot easier. Both R5 & R0-D4 domes were loaded in, plus a suitcase, transmitter box, tool box & food (sweets lol) for the journey.

Thursday 14th:
After dropping my two youngest's off at school, as I wasn't now going to see them till Saturday evening, I set off up to London.

I eventually arrived about 2:30pm & met up with other builders who were also unloading at the same time, Brad, Matt, Giles to name just three. We all then helped set up where our droids would be displayed etc. Here we met up with Oliver Steeples. Once done it was time for a wonder around to get bearings of the venue.

This was still all being set up...
Star Wars stage
Checkout he AT-AT & Tie Fighter
AT-AT walker
lol, had to be done
Was so blown away with the Star Wars Falcon stage set, that I didn't even realise the gorgeous Andi Guttierrez sat a foot away from me :D She turned & smiled, I froze and smiled politely back lol
Falcon stage set
Setting up of the R2 Builders area:
James X-Robots R6 3D printed droid
Brad's BHD droids
R2D2 droid
Astromech's group shot
Simon's Boba Fett Droid

Just a few of the droids. And R5's temp display area.
R2-D2 & R5-D4 display area
Next then was a scout around. First thing I noticed in the main walkway, was the Death Star....
Death Star @ Celebration Europe 2016
Death Star @ Celebration Europe 2016
This would be a rare sight as it wouldn't last long....no, the Rebels didn't blow it up (tho they might of blew it up in the first place lol), but due to technically difficulties (apparently) it had to be taken down! So if you saw it up, you are special!

Part 2 to follow.....


Han Solo costume for my Son....... Complete 2.1 ** #SWCE BONUS UPDATE **

Just a quick short update on my Son's costume.

Sunday was his day to attend Celebration Europe with me, wearing his Han 'JJ' Solo costume. He was up at 7am along with me and we arrived at Excel around 9am, but weren't allowed in (exhibitors only, no kids) until 10am. He waited patently and standing! Once in he met up with all the other builders and enjoyed the positive feedback for his outfit. His smile on his face said it all, that he was a real cosplay character :).

Han Solo cosplay, costumeHan Solo cosplay, costume

Both Lee & Oliver were very busy organising things, but managed to time things and was able to get a picture of Lee & Jacob together, he was very happy to meet him, and so was my Son lol
Lee Towersey R2D2

JJ walked around the event with me all day (we did get some short breaks), he helped out on the R2 Builders Stand, had numerous photos taken with R5 by the attending public. He did himself proud and me & the Builders Club too. He finished up at about 5:30pm where children were again not allowed inside the main area once taking down of the stands had started. He had this smile all day, even in the car driving home.

Did yourself & me proud Son!

'R0 dome build - 4.4 - '3D printed Dome Rods'

So my Boss was kind enough to print off three dome rods, a few days before Celebration Europe. But I didn't have the time to fit them. This will be next on list of things to do.

Whilst at CE3 tho, Lee brought along his R0-4L0 driod to display along with all the others.
The actual design is different to the version created. I may upgrade to the 'actual' design later on, but for now I'll work on these.

My #SWCE report is coming soon.....


Han Solo costume for my Son....... Complete 2.0

Blaster update:

With building R0-D4's dome in the available day free time & getting my Son's Han Solo costume made on the evenings, I'd not totally forgotten about finishing off his E-11 blaster......

......OK, I had. I last did any work on it back in February!

It was boxed up and then the box moved around the garage to access other stuff and I 'lost' it. So with some urgency I got on with finishing it off.

Not much work needed really, as this is only a simplified, 'child proof' version.
(and by child proof, I mean drop'ish/knock proof lol)

So I cut out some wood disc's and shaped end cap and nozzle.

The end cap is not 100% accurate, just for show.
The front nozzle I made the shape to roughly match originals.

I applied some rapid Araldite over joins and gaps to secure. This stays flexible, which is good, rather than brittle (breaks if blaster gets dropped), but it also looks like weld.

These's were the last bits to make. Next was primer spraying all the bits separately.

**   Due to time, I didn't get a chance to take   **
any completed pics of the blaster,
but I will do and post up next week

Full costume complete:
What a weekend..... material cutting, stitching, sowing, mistakes, redo's, you name it, it happened. But LATE Tuesday night, with the help of Karen, I managed to complete my Son's costume.....phew!!!

Never have I been so relieved to never be sowing Blood stripes onto trousers EVER again!! lol. There far from perfect, but they will do for this version.

Again, there wasn't any time to take pics of him actually wearing it...and he's not fully tried it all on yet either (tonight, Wednesday) he will, before I pack it all up to take to Celebration Europe with me.

I did take some quick pics of the finished items,
Han Solo

Han Solo costume
Blood stripes, boot's & Trooper belt in the bag
Han Solo costume

Han Solo shirt

not great pics, taken via mobile phone, but will post up some better ones of him next week or even via my Twitter account @JamesR5D4. Which will be getting used a lot the next few days. So click and follow for #SWCE event pics.


R5-D4 Club Banner - for Celebration Europe 3

As part of #SWCE Celebration Europe, attending members were offered the opportunity to have their own droid banners.

This will also be beneficial later on for attending individual events representing the group too. Oliver, arranged the artwork, we just had to supply a quality image for the printing of it.

I received my draft copy on Tuesday of last week and sent the art work off Wednesday night to the printers.
R5-D4 Club banner
The banner arrived Friday late afternoon.


Han Solo costume for my Son....... Trousers 1.1

Blood Stripes!

This has been THE most fiddly, most time consuming, frustrating part so far!!!

If we'd of used the correct width material to start with, life would of been slightly easier lol [this was my fault]. It was double the width needed. So it was folded over and stitched, then the ends [to stop fraying] were stitched, all by hand, as the machine was pulling the material. Next comes sewing onto the trousers. This was done with the sowing machine.

A few hours work and still have at least five more stripes to sew on this side alone.....
Han Solo Costume

Still have the other side to do too....

PS: Big thanks to Karen


New platform/support/frame for R5 in car - Sledge 1 - UPDATE

It's been a long time coming, but over the weekend, I eventually got round to transferring the wheels off the first transport platform onto the Sledge.

This does away with the need to (if I ever did) carry two. Makes life a lot easier to more him around too.

 Location for batteries, brace added.

 Front wheel drive, lol

And with the two large wheels at the bottom, a tip up and he's movable in the upright position.

Han Solo costume for my Son....... Stormtrooper Belt 2.1

This leather look material was used for the belt. I'd already measured my Son's waist ages ago, but double checking is always a good thing :D

So after measuring him, extra added to length for poppers. The material was cut to length. We doubled it over and inserted stiffener to help it keep its shape. Then I stitched it all the way round.

Next will be locating the poppers to best suit my Son and then fixing on the main front section of the belt.

Han Solo costume for my Son....... Vest 2.0 - lining

This weekend has been a very busy one, lots of sowing, cutting and stitching. I was starting to worry that the costume wouldn't be finished in time! But thanks to Karen giving up her free time to guide my sowing, help and advice, I'm still on target lol, for completion.

So, last week's work, since last post, was to sow in the lining. Easy you might think. In hindsight, the lining would of been better sown onto each panel BEFORE stitching them together, but hay ho. On the plus side, doing it this way we combined the hemming correction of the rear neck, which needed re-stitching anyway.
cutting out using a template
sewing the first front inside lining in
First inside front lining finished
Working out the neck hem, ready for sowing.
neck hem pinned
Karen picked up material at the weekend for the shirt and leather look material for the Stormtrooper wrap around belt.

This weeks work, Stormtrooper belt, shirt, trouser modification & Blood stripes!