'R0' dome build - 1.4 'Neck Skin' fitting

Tuesday 20th April
Missed measured the outer skin width, so needed to trim it down by 3mm. As I don't have a dremel cutting wheel, it was out with the metal cutting saw blade (used for cutting metal, but the teeth are small enough not to tear the wood).
R0-L0 dome
 Bout 25mins later, I'd finished.

Next, was positioning the neck strip so the join would be at the back. I measured up from the bottom edge 10mm and then evenly spaced out the panel pins. I put a few more into the end of the strips where they joined.
R0-L0 dome, R5-D4 body

R0-L0 dome, R5D4

R0-L0 dome
As you can see from the last picture, the strip end still doesn't want to curve to the frame just yet.

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