'R0' dome build - 1.3 'Skin & frame'

Saturday 16th April
Here's the cone shape so far, pics 1 & 2 below. This is how my R5's dome looked at this stage so the form is looking good.

I put the cone inside the dome base hole to hold while I got on with the electrical work.
Pic 3 below.

Cut out centre piece from base.
Using the disc cut out, I measured the distances on R5's body (rotation ring location bolts) and transferred them to the new base ring. I then drilled dia 8mm holes to start & check correct position. 


Started to pin the inner neck ring into place.
Cut a length of board for outer neck diameter. And strapped to form curved shape.

...............I tried to curve the dome skin more, but the wood started to tare. So I will need to make a second section of skin, to make it in two halves

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