Han Solo costume for my Son....... E-11 Blaster 1.7 [M38 Scope]

Scope build update:
  • Sanded the wood filler, more is needed to smooth and shape.
  • Cut out a piece of wood for the front section, drilled & pinned it in place, also used Araldite glue.

E-11 M38 scopeE-11 M38 scope
  • I cut a smaller square piece of wood, rounded it, drilled and pinned & glued it to first piece.
E-11 M38 scope

  • Next was MORE wood filler and also a small copper washer to the end of the front of the sight.
  • I marked and drilled three holes on the front face of the scope, and glued in some pan head bolts, just to ad to the authentic look.

E-11, M38 scopeE-11, M38 scope

  • I've started work on the two pads, using Milliput. Never used this before, tho I remember my Brother used to use it when kids, building models etc.

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