R5 really does have a 'Bad Motivator'....?

For the life of me I can't remember if I've actually tested R5's 'Bad Motivator' whilst his head has been connected to his body??? I've bench tested it wired direct to a 12 volt 12ah battery and everything works fine.

But the other night, whilst connecting everything up and testing, I noticed & heard that the actuator was making a hell of a racket and wasn't able to pop, like it did on test??

The smoke system is fine, but no 'pop'. Bench tested and all's ok!?!?!

The wiring hasn't changed and all's ok there.......so I'll need to look at this again. But don't have time at mo, with having to redo the 12 channel board and prep R5 ready for Saturday [loading Friday night].

For now, I've locked the Motivator in the up position & disconnected it's power. He will still have smoke and sound, so all good there :)

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