Event - Feel The Force Day - 2015 **The Day in pictures**

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......'What an amazing event!!'

For those who may not of heard of 'Feel the Force',

Welcome to Feel the Force Day. Truly unconventional conventions. Feel the Force Days are film and TV conventions designed for disabled people. We found over many years that film and TV conventions are just not able to enable full access to the subject they promote.
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** Over 4500 visitors **

R5 was loaded up Friday for an early start Saturday morning. Up at 6am, out the door by 7am for the drive up to Peterborough. From Bristol it's just over 2 hours 40mins drive [with no stops lol].

On arriving, I was greeted by a Delorean, Lightning McQueen, an LAPD squad car, a Mr Stay Puff Marshmallow man & more.

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I managed to park close to tarmac, as the car parking area was stones. Assembled R5 in what has to of been the quickest time EVER lol, thanks to the new sled. Batteries in and hooked up, dome on & locked down, R5's Battery boxes on, powered up, rear hatch on.....10 mins tops!

We rolled up and through the entrance area and into the main room, where I found Adam Strawson with his R2 Unit & Wall-E droid.

R5D4, R2D2 & Wall-E
Wall-E:......just keep moving, they may not see me...

Other costume groups were already set up and entertaining the early arrivals. Door's 'opened' at 11am. The droids had their fare share of new friends and were interacting with them all, with their sounds and utility arms :).

R5D4, Feel the Force Day 2015

R5D4, Feel the Force Day 2015

R5D4, R2D2, Feel the force day 2015

This was the pic I tweeted...

The great thing about this event is that people CAN touch the props! To be able to help someone by describing parts of R5 and where they originally came from, what happens to him in the film etc. One young girl in a motorised wheelchair was playing chase with R5 :) Other people just wanted to touch and feel, which was good as with R5 being made from wood, his skin textured had imperfections in :)

There was so much to see, touch, hear and sense [smell section] that everyone could take part. Feel the Force Day's twitter account was very much alive over the weekend with positive feedback.



R5D4, AT-AT walker


R5D4, R2D2

Was a really good day, with lots to see and do for guests, there were also stage shows, Jedi fight scene and more. So check out their website for updates, pictures and videos on their You Tube channel for more of the day.

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