R5's outer feet, Ankle Lock, upgrade - 1.1

Yesterday morning in work I cut to size, filed an angle and drilled a hole in the first ankle locking strip.

This is how the outer feet looked before, here with front caster.
I wanted to keep the area of support as large as possible, hence keeping the motor wheel at the back. This had recently been talked about with other club members. As R5's dome is larger height wise, than an R2 unit, his centre of gravity come's into play.

I then positioned it and marked where the hole will go in the channel of the internal metal foot. Then it was a case of cleaning up edges and fitting all back onto R5. The moment of truth....part 1.....

 Look, no front caster.....magic..... lol

R5D4, Star Wars
 Rear shot.....

R5D4, Star Wars
The nice large M10 cap head bolt holding it all together.....

The locking strip has some spring in it which I'm hoping will make things not so rigid.
I need to sort out painting up the strip to better 'blend in' with the leg, but that's once it's all done and tested.

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