Motivator Pie hole - internal wall's upgrade

The internal walls of the motivator pie hole need some work done on them. So cut up some circuit board and shaped them a bit. Keeping it simple, the boards are flat with low flat chips on them. Then sprayed them up with grey primer. I added some holes and fed some thin wires through. These were glued in place with a few then being cut. I added these after the primer to retain the wire colours. I then sprayed some black over them. The can I used was old and rather than give a nice fine mist, it spat the paint out. Wasn't what I wanted, but actually, it's not that bad lol.

Next I painted the inside of the pie panels with grey paint, before glueing in the circuit boards. These had to be positioned so as to allow the motivator movement up and down. Once this had all dried, I got out some black pained and filled in between the circuit boards to darken the sides up and give it the burnt, smoke damaged look.
R5D4, bad motivator

R5D4, bad motivatorR5D4, bad motivator

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