R5-D4's transport platform 1.5 - UPGRADE

Saturday, I got to finishing off some things that needed doing to the platform to make it actually fully useable lol. As it was, there was no where to mount his centre leg and also he wasn't securely stable if platform was moved.

Original location bolt holes for the stand were no good once the car ankle stabiliser stands were used on the platform. So I made and fitted two location pins for the stand. These are just to help stop things moving around.

Platform now fitted with location pins for stand

The batteries can be stored under the stand.
The foot/ankle stands also fit on the platform. These may also get location pins, but as the whole lot gets strapped down, they may not be needed. 

In the previous pictures, you can see the new 'slot' to the rear of the platform, between his legs. This is where his centre leg 'slots' into place.
R5 fully installed on his transport platform. Just need to add some location points for the battery boxes to secure them and also some storage for transit bolts and tools.

I'm considering installing some sort of push bar to be fitted to the base, rather than have hand's on his shoulders.....

His head will be fitted onto his body, it is now for storage purposes.

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