Car transportation unit - Leg supports

After taking R5 to a few events now, I realise that he need's better restraints for the transporting in the rear of the car. Either new ankle leg locking stands or something.

R5 is too tall to go in through the rear hatch when in three leg mode, requiring outer feet and centre leg/foot assembly to be removed. I had made a 'stand' which fit's up inside his skirt [centre leg removed] and this is what he sit's on whilst in transport.

But even with him strapped down, he is still unstable going round corners. So new leg/ankle supports are a must. These can be bolted to the legs for support, using the original T-nuts.

So I dug out his original wood internal frames and started cutting these up to fit the new angle they need to be to sit level with the floor.


Now working on the second leg support.....

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