R5-D4's Sound system installation - UPDATE

I've cut down the perspex sheet to a more manageable size, though it's still to be test fitted inside R5's body. Cleaned up the cut edges with belt sander, nice and smooth.

Next was to fit the digital volt meters. I wanted to save space, so I milled holes into a 'stand off' piece of perspex and fitted it above/next to the voltage regulators.

R5-D4 sound system

The wires I had previously prepared......had the heat shrink & sleeve's removed. As it was to restrictive on the bends. I was also not happy with my attempt on the 'negative' wires for the 12 channel remote, so this was redone (in blue wire). I then fitted a single earth connection bolt with eyelets.

I then drilled location holes in the perspex speaker board. This will be mounted, stand off style onto the rear of the sound board. The ground loop isolator unit is also fixed to the lower half section of it.

R5-D4 sound system
Fan's spinning, digital volt meters reading
R5-D4 sound systemR5-D4 sound system

Plugged my 12v adaptor in and powered up sound board. All lite up!! Though at first I was worried the light on the 12 channel unit wasn't working......looking closer I realised it wasn't an led but a diod lol, I then pressed the bind button and it buzzed!

Next is to load up the audio and program the remote

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